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Overview of all Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Products

Alchemy CATALYST 4.0 Overview of all Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Products
Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 has revolutionized the localization process again. It combines secure editing environments for XML/XHTML based applications and web sites, advanced contextual translation memory technology and introduces the fastest and most productive mechanism for translating repetitive text segments, all integrated into a single finely tuned project management environment. Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 will transform your localization workflow permanently.

More about Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Products

With Alchemy CATALYST you will be able to:

  • Accurately scope translation projects with a detailed breakdown of new and recyclable text in a matter of seconds
  • Automatically create and manage your own multilingual glossaries and translation memories
  • Handle updates swiftly with advanced leverage technology
  • Translate and validate in one seamless, easy to use WYSIWYG environment
  • Gain complete control of the localization project by developing custom editors that integrate seamlessly into Alchemy’s technology framework
  • Distribute and manage complex projects across multiple sites with easy-to-use workflow management utilities
  • Automate your language releases using extensive command line operators and utilities

Integrated Localization Environment

Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 is built around a highly intuitive integrated localization environment (ILE) which ensures that you have access to the services and utilities you require for all stages of the localization workflow. Alchemy's ILE is robust and secure, ensuring data integrity at all times. And its sophisticated project management features allow you to create large multi-lingual translation toolkits that can be efficiently distributed to your translation partners and agencies.

Windows Support
Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 provides an environment that supports all your Windows program and help files ( DLL, EXE, INI, RTF, CNT, CPP, HPP etc.) and all XML/XHTML based files and internet applications. This reduces the complexity of handling, distributing, translating, and updating large numbers of varying file formats. In one seamless translation environment CATALYST provides tools and utilities for all the key players in a localization project. You'll discover very quickly that CATALYST is more than just a translation tool!

Visual Editors
CATALYST includes a suite of visual editors that ensures that translators can always see their work within context and in a WYSIWYG manner. Each visual editor validates translations automatically, ensuring that the translator delivers fully tested and verified translation back to the project manager. Glossary support and spell checking features are included in all the editor environments. By ensuring that validation checks are carried out during the translation process, the Engineering and QA cycles times are dramatically reduced, shortening the localization project schedule and reducing lead-time to market for your translated product.

Quality Assurance Tools
A suite of Quality Assurance tools for the validation of software and help files are also provided. These range from layout validation, clipped text, duplicate hotkeys, missing parameters or controls and spell-checking. Using CATALYST's Runtime Validation Expert, you can also check your software as it is running and automatically detect errors introduced by dynamic dialogs and text substitutions. This frees up your QA specialists to focus on functional testing of the product rather than testing on a cosmetic level.

Debugging and Revision Tools
CATALYST comes complete with a range of tools and utilities that assist Software Engineers in the location and fixing of problems, and in the updating of User Interface, Help and XML based files. The Engineer can develop custom editors and validators using the CATALYST SDK, and any text file can be parsed and included in the Translation Environment by using CATALYST's Text Parser Expert. Engineers can use CATALYST's Visual Comparison Expert to determine the differences between product revisions and to determine the impact on their QA and translation schedule due to textual changes.

Project Management Tools
It incorporates a number of essential Project Management tools to ensure that projects can be managed smoothly and consistently throughout your organization. You can produce a basic word count report or a more complex update word count. These reports can be used to scope the cost, time and complexity of your localization project. You can prioritize what resources need to be translated first, use the memo function to send messages to translators and track revisions and translation histories of all translated objects. You can attach Glossary files to TTKs (Translation Tool Kits) and export your translations into the industry standard translation memory interchange file format (TMX).

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