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Computer Aided Translation (Translation Software)

Computer Aided Translation (CAT) is is intended for professional translators who are already fluent in the two languages they are translating. CAT tools often include "terminology management tools" and "translation memory" to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of translations. Anyone who is serious about translation needs to take a long look at all the tools available.

TRADOS 6 Freelance and  LSP TRADOS Computer Aided Translation
By combining human translation skills with industry-leading translation memory technologies, TRADOS has successfully automated recurrent translation work. The TRADOS Translation Solution is a suite of mature, proven products that enable you to effortlessly master the many facets of translation work. TRADOS extends far beyond the actual translation process itself, addressing the requirements of multiple editing environments, terminology management, alignment of legacy translations and DTP interfacing.

Alchemy CATALYST Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Localization Software
Alchemy CATALYST is an integrated translation environment with powerful project management features to help ensure your localization projects run smoothly. It will save you time and money by seamlessly integrating editors and tools for Translators, Localization Engineers, QA Specialists, Project Managers and Software Developers. By using Alchemy CATALYST's integrated translation environment with its unique Expert technology, projects will take less time to complete, quality will be improved, Engineering and QA cycles times will shorten and the overall cost of localization will be reduced.
Passolo 5.0 Localization Software
PASSOLO optimizes the complete software localization process. It ensures easy compilation, exchange and processing of translation data. Unnecessary extra work can be avoided, and localization can begin even before the final release of the software is available. PASSOLO is easy to use.You don't need more programmers; professional translators will suffice. Users require neither time-consuming and expensive training nor programming experience. Many potential errors which occur during localization are avoided or automatically recognized by PASSOLO.

Plunet BusinessManager Plunet BusinessManager
Plunet BusinessManager offers translation companies a powerful software solution that enables them to handle their order processing, partner management and data and document management on a single platform. Plunet BusinessManager supports flexible tailoring to individual company procedures and sizes. The product is available as a single station solution or for a local network and on the Internet as a client server application.

MultiTrans MultiTrans Computer Aided Translation
MultiTrans is the most user-friendly and powerful second generation CAT tool available today. Unlike traditional Translation Memory systems, MultiTrans does not build a laborious database of pre-aligned sentences. It indexes previously translated documents, and creates a bilingual reference corpus that allows the user to make full-text searches and to retrieve words, expressions, and sentences. Using MultiTrans, you will profit from being able to rapidly create vast, easily-referenced pools of legacy multilingual content; easily access terminology and previous translations in their complete usage and style context; productively recycle translations of any length, not just whole sentences; rapidly extract, create and manage rich terminology; and easily share and manage your multilingual assets across your enterprise, clients and partners. MultiTrans is available in two versions: MultiTrans Light for light volume and non-networked usage, and MultiTrans Pro for high volume and networked installation.

LTC Organiser LTC Organizer Translation Management and Workflow Control Software System
The LTC Organiser is a unique and innovative business process management and workflow control software system, which supports and facilitates multilingual projects.The LTC Organizer was designed for real-world use by an international team of human translation and computer experts. LTC Organizer is fully networkable. With included MS Access and SQL back-end database, the LTC Organizer scales to fit any small to medium size translation firm or in-house Human Translation department.

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