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LTC Organiser

LTC Organiser Multilingual Management and Workflow Control Software System
Multilingual projects are becoming increasingly more complex and are placing even more stringent demands on project resources and management. Now there is no longer any need to use several different software programs to manage the various stages and aspects of multilingual projects: LTC Organiser is a one-stop comprehensive and integrated solution that does it all! This advanced project management and workflow control tool has been specially developed to meet the specific needs of specialists in the language industry. With included MS Access and SQL back-end database, the LTC Organiser scales to fit any small to medium size multilingual firm or in-house Human Translation department.

Features of LTC Organiser

The LTC Organiser is a unique and innovative business process management and workflow control software system, which supports and facilitates multilingual projects. It was developed according to the requirements of LTC's comprehensive multilingual activities, and reflects years of experience in managing interpreting, language training, large scale multilingual translation and software localisation projects. This software is therefore of considerable use to the Language Industry worldwide. It ensures transparency in organisations of any size and reduces management time and costs by up to 50%.

Some of the advantages this high performance tool offers are:

  • Saves time (streamlines time-consuming tasks such as budgeting, client contact, generating quotations, etc.)
  • Reduces project management costs
  • Is extremely user-friendly (no steep learning curve)
  • Web based (optional feature)
  • Network-compatible
  • Enables optimal use and deployment of human and technical resources
  • Automatic calculation of Quotations, invoices, PO, through user-definable price lists in the Finance Module
  • Incorporates security facilities (you can assign user access rights to individual modules, and to certain data relating to projects, clients, etc.)
  • Incorporates import and export facilities for Excel and XML files
  • Incorporates a SQL Server and/or an Access database (powerful handling of complex tasks by multiple users)
  • Easily customisable through a Design Module (you can add new fields, controls, scripts)
  • Decreases marketing time

The LTC Organiser identifies appropriate suppliers (interpreters, translators, authors, tutors, DTP specialists) for high level needs. Language tasks can be allocated quickly and effectively to experts in highly specific subject areas. The status, the progress and the cost of projects as well as actions required and taken can be controlled via the LTC Organiser. The client database is another feature of the LTC Organiser. It enables you to store all relevant client information, including client specific details or requirements. The Project Management feature keeps track of projects, and documents within projects, at the different stages of development. It achieves this by recording the status, and various versions of source and target texts, during each phase up to completion of the target language product.

Any enterprise of the language industry will thus be in a position to cut down on their management effort, cost and time. Smaller organisations will be able to compete with larger organisations, guaranteeing the clients a professional, high quality service including timely and cost-effective planning and handling of all orders with a very small in-house team.

Larger companies can work from multiple sites on the same projects, sharing the same database of client and supplier. The work is uniform and regular, the transparency is ensured.

Increased Productivity

Client management, quotation and project management, as well as finance management and reporting are organised within ONE integrated environment, which provides structured access to relevant information at all levels. This may reduce overall management time & cost by at least 50%.

  • avoids duplication of data, provides automatic calculation, displays your deadlines
  • integrates a file management system to keep track of all electronic files at each stage of the project
  • automatic word count integrated in quotes saves even more time
  • automatic calculation of quotes, invoices
  • price list per client: market your services at the right rate worldwide
  • reports on delivery dates, profits and costs among 60 reports
  • easy to customise and user friendly

LTC Organiser Editions

LTC Organiser currently comes in four versions:

  • The Freelance edition is specifically designed for independent translators: the supplier module is not available, thereby giving the user more time to concentrate on managing projects and finances. At a much lower price, everyone can afford it!
  • The Agency edition is ideal for medium sized translation offices or translators collaborating together. Available on a MS Access database, it gives access to all the modules of LTC Organiser. Unlimited number of licences can be networked.
  • The Corporate edition is aimed at larger scale operations, offering the same functionality as the Agency version, it also includes an MS SQL database, access to LTC Web forms, and Security management, with unlimited licences as well.
  • The Web Solution edition has all the features of the Corporate version, while also making it possible to manage projects from distributed sites thus allowing clients and suppliers direct access to their own records, and providing access to up-to-date information while YOU are on the move.


Modules in LTC Organiser

The LTC Freelance Edition comprises the modules outlined below. LTC also provides Agency, Corporate and Web editions of LTC Organiser: you can upgrade to a higher edition at any time, the system grows with your business!

The Project Management Module
This contains all data relating to a project, including instructions for suppliers, costs and delivery dates. Thanks to the Quick Wizard, you can instantly create projects, jobs and language tasks. The interactive Scheduler feature enables a project manager to monitor the progress of each stage of a task or each phase of a project, and to quickly identify any potential problem areas. If necessary, by simply dragging the mouse, the project manager can also adjust deadlines and reschedule the allocated tasks in order to achieve an optimal workflow. Moreover, files and directories for each job or project can be directly accessed from within LTC Organiser. A search facility also enables you to locate individual projects on the basis of certain search criteria (e.g. client, task, source language, target language).

The Quote Module
Creates & manages all the client quotes. Integrated with the price list, it automatically calculates the right price for each of your client. It enables you to be consistent in your offers! Submitting a quote is now even quicker! Once the quotation has been accepted, a simple click on the Create Project button will generate the project structure within the Project Management Module.

The Client Management Module
Provides quick and easy access to your client database. The Search facility and classification of clients provide easy client management for marketing purposes. Allowing you to store as many contacts as necessary within the same company, it includes project details, specific client requirements, payment terms and a default price list to use in order to be selective in your offers. You always quote the right price to the right client.

Finance Module
It enables you to create, print, save, export and customise invoices, quotations, and purchase orders based on a price list already created via Price List Management. Payment of your clients and suppliers has never been easier! You can instantly check balances and outstanding payments, or even create realistic quotations whilst you are still on the phone to the client. When changing the currency or price list in a quotation, LTC Organiser even recalculates the quoted fee automatically.

The Report Module
Converts information stored in the database to create instant management and financial summaries as well as statistical & graphical reports. This data can be easily retrieved and conveniently displayed in text reports, bar charts, or pie charts. Reports can be exported in the following file formats: Word, Excel, HTML, TXT, RTF, PDF and RPT Crystal Reports.

Design Module (optional)
This enables you to customise the product to specifications that are UNIQUE to your company. In the Supplier, Client, Project, Contact, Price list, and Software management features, you now have a new PAGE called Perso where you can add static controls, data controls and even visual basic scripts. You can, for example, add a new field to contain any information you wish, create a button to print reports, launch external applications such as MS Word, make updates and insert data into the database automatically, and much more.

Trados interface (optional):
The Trados interface makes it possible to import Workbench analysis directly into LTC Organiser.

LTC Web Forms (optional)
Suppliers can register and update their personal details, download/upload their tasks and enter the status of projects. Clients can request quotes and check the progress of projects simply by logging on to your website!

System Requirements

Local Version Windows 98, Millennium, NT, 2000 or XP
Acrobat Reader
Ms-SQL Server 7 or 2000 for Corporate version on database server (optional)
64 MB of available RAM (for LTC Organiser)
250 MB of available disk space
SVGA 800x600, 16 colours minimum
MouseNetwork for Multi-user purpose
Modem with Tapi interface driver for automatic dial
Pentium 200Mhz minimum
Web Version:
Windows 98, Millennium, NT, 2000 or XP
Acrobat Reader
64 MB of RAM (for LTC Organiser)
200 MB of disk space
SVGA 800x600, 16 colours minimum
Internet access
Modem with Tapi interface driver for automatic dial (optional)
Pentium 200Mhz minimum
Web Version:
Host Server
Windows NT Server, 2000 Server or Advanced Server
Ms-Internet information Server 4 or 5
SSL certificate (recommended option)
30 MB of available RAM per 10 simultaneous users
250 MB of disk space
Permanent Internet access (ISDN 128 KB, ADSL or leased line recommended)
Network access
Web Version:
Database Server
Windows NT Server, 2000 Advanced Server
Ms-SQL Server 7 or 2000
256 MB of RAM (depend on the number of simultaneous users)
Network access
Web Forms Ms-Internet information Server 4 or 5
LTC Organiser v3.5 and above
Networked Ms-SQL Server 7 or 2000
Networked SMTP Mail server
SSL certificate (recommended option)
Dedicated server; 128MB RAM
PIII processor or better
Permanent Internet/Intranet connection


Pricing & Licensing

Note: You can update at any time from LTC Freelance Edition to LTC Agency Edition at 50% of the LTC Agency price, and you may similarly update from LTC Agency Edition to LTC Corporate Edition at 50% of the LTC Corporate price. Also counted are the number of licences you already bought, so the unit price is reduced.

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