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Why Passolo?

PASSOLO is a specialized software localization tool. It directly can handle a large number of software specific file formats, including executable programs, resource files and XML based files. Text strings can be translated into numerous languages including Asian languages (Unicode) and right-to-left scripts like Hebrew and Arabic.

PASSOLO is very easy to use and optimizes the software localization process. Users require neither time-consuming and expensive training nor programming experience. Software localization can be done without the access to the source code or the developers and can begin even before the final release of the software is available.

PASSOLO ensures easy compilation, exchange and processing of translation data. The Pseudo Translation checks the application for localization suitability before actual translation begins.

PASSOLO contains several WYSIWYG editors to adapt the user interface of a software. This includes editors for dialogs, menus, bitmaps, icons, and cursors. The user interface can be adapted without any danger of accidentally deleting or changing existing elements or structures.

With it's internal Translation Memory Technology, PASSOLO can re-use existing translations. Even text from programs which haven't been translated with PASSOLO can be used for the automatic pre-translation of new projects. The Fuzzy Matching Technology searches similar texts as well as exact matches. It increases the productivity of the translator and can shorten the translation cycle.

Software localization is part of a process which involves a number of experts, who generally all use different tools. PASSOLO is able to exchange data with all major Translations Memory Systems and supports common used data exchange formats.

A QA feature can check the spelling of the texts and enables automatic recognition of truncated or overlapping text and incorrect allocation of shortcuts, accelerators and access keys. Many potential errors which occur during a software localization are avoided or automatically recognized by PASSOLO.

Special PASSOLO Editions for large or distributed projects enables the user to easily exchange data with external translators. The availability of a free Translator Edition reduces license fees and simplifies the workflow with changing translators in foreign countries.

PASSOLO contains a VBA compatible scripting engine and is OLE automated. Ready-to-use macros, which can be downloaded free of charge, will easily add useful features to PASSOLO. Using the integrated IDE, customers can develop their own localization solution which meet the requirements of an individual software.

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