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Attorney SpeechGuard AT-4
ECTACO Attorney SpeechGuard AT-4

ECTACO Speech-to-Speech Attorney SpeechGuard AT-4  


In legal matters, the outcome of a case can hang on a single word. Don’t let misunderstandings compromise you or your client’s position. With the Attorney SpeechGuard you will be able to communicate effectively, clearly and concisely with your client – all indispensable conditions for the successful presentation of a case. This portable and discreet handheld device recognizes English, contains a large number of frequently used phrases and expressions particular to the work of the legal professions and then speaks them aloud in Spanish. When working with those who may not speak English you no longer need resort to imprecise methods of communication. With the SpeechGuard you will be prepared to put everyone at ease while effectively dealing with the full range of legal matters required of you.

The choice of savvy legal professionals working with non-native English speakers, this rugged and convenient device offers straightforward, voice-activated topic navigation as well as allowing you to store your own personal entries. The high-quality touch screen is equipped with a backlight for easy readability in less than optimal lighting conditions and a volume control to allow you to maintain your client’s privacy. Equipped with a multimedia card slot (card included) you can easily update the device, keeping up with new developments in the field.

Ultimate Linguistic Resource


  • Hundreds of essential legal phrases in the following categories: Appointments, Definitions, Basic Interview, Fees, Sentencing, Motor Vehicle Interview, and Criminal Interview
  • User-defined topics and phrases can be added to My SpeechGuard
  • English speech recognition
  • Voice output in Spanish
  • Search for single words or whole phrases
  • Voice prompted navigation

Additional Features


  • MultiMedia Card slot (Card included) for simplified content replacement and updates
  • Volume Control
  • Touch screen (320x240 pixels)
  • Screen backlight
  • Built-in microphone and 2W high quality speaker
  • Auto Off function will shut off translator when it`s idle
  • Special, two-year warranty!
  • AC adapter is included in the package

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