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Why use TRADOS Products?

TRADOS is premier Translation Memory software. It recycles your translated sentences to make you faster and more consistent. It frees you from repetitive typing and allows you to concentrate your energies on actually translating. Translation Memory is the pairing of a sentence in the document you are translating from and its translation in your translated document. TRADOS stores this pair in a database or "memory" and automatically gives you the translation of any sentence that you have translated before. Computer assisted translation is the process that a human translator uses to translate documents and files with the assistance of a Translation Memory tool, like TRADOS. Read more about the benefits of TRADOS and Computer assisted translation below.

Why Computer Aided Translation?

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools may be just what you need to take your work to the next level. Here are some of their advantages:

Quantity: Take in More. Localization requires fast turnaround of high volumes of material, with rigorous consistency of terminology and style. CAT tools, especially major ones like TRADOS, make this kind of performance possible. Translators who can transfer translation memories (TM), update them while they translate, and send them back, are crucial to the process.

Quantity: Produce More. Even in traditional environments, a CAT tool can increase your production. With a tool pre-translating from a reasonably-stocked TM, you could finish twice as much work in the same time. Warning: this depends on how similar the new material is to what is in the TM. My own work data show an increase between 50% to 100%.

Quality of life: Go from Typing to Translating. Even with a miserable pre-translation (e.g., a new unrelated topic), I have found that a CAT tool can make my work more pleasant. With the segments lined up on the screen, I type only what needs typing. The tool propagates my choices as I work, so when the same segments or terms appear later in the document, I do not re-type or cut-and-paste. Of course, I am building the TM as I work, so the next document like this one will have a better pre-translation.

Quality of Work: Consistency. Consistent terminology within a document and throughout a project is especially important in technical translation. This is true of legal and financial work as well as scientific and technical documentation. We are working across cultures, where synonyms and "turns of phrase" burden the readers. CAT tools allow projects to standardize their glossaries and individual translators to use terms consistently with less effort.

Quality of Work: Revision. The most effective way to revise is to use a pair of rulers to compare source and target text on printed paper pages. However, some technical documentation does not print well or is intended to be read on-screen anyway (e.g., web pages). The alignment of segments by the CAT tool makes revision on-screen easier and more efficient. I still use paper and rulers whenever possible, but I find that translations prepared on the CAT tool have many fewer errors in print, so the final paper check is faster.

Quality and Quantity: Analysis and Management. Translators need to know how to analyze the work, so they can charge fair prices for the different tasks of new translation, total document revision, glossary and TM updating, etc. The major CAT tools will count words, segments and units, analyze text, compare portions of new and pre-translated material, etc. Sharing a common CAT tool as when using TRADOS, allows the freelancer and the project manager to agree beforehand on how much of the document is fresh translation, how much needs revision. etc.

TRADOS Overview

Global enterprises, large and small, recognise that in order to produce and deliver culturally relevant localised products, they must use humans to translate their material and create valuable multilingual content. TRADOS’ technology optimises and accelerates the human translation process - both for the individual translator and across the enterprise. Product documentation, web sites, marketing collaterals and software interfaces can be localised in many languages quickly and cost-effectively. Only the TRADOS Technology Platform standardises the complex translation and associated business processes across the whole value chain from the enterprise to the individual translator.

TRADOS solutions drive quick, tangible benefits for its clients by accelerating the delivery of multilingual content and reducing the associated operational costs. With over 65,000 licenses, representing the vast majority of the current translation technology market, TRADOS is the gold standard for professional translators, enterprise solutions providers and worldwide leaders such as Microsoft, Siemens, SAP, Volkswagen Audi Group, Oracle and Bowne Global Solutions.


TRADOS has revolutionized the translation process, driving productivity and efficiency levels to new heights. Particularly in today's fast-paced, global e-marketplace, a streamlined translation workflow presents companies with a solid competitive advantage.

Trados gives you an interface choice of English, French, German, or Spanish

By combining human translation skills with industry-leading translation memory technologies, TRADOS has successfully automated recurrent translation work.

This groundbreaking solution cuts costs, saves time, and frees translators to focus on the quality, clarity and precision of more challenging and strategic documents. The TRADOS Translation Solution strengthens its customers' market positions by accelerating product rollout and improving the quality and impact of corporate communication.

Just as the sun never goes down on the global market, TRADOS never lays down its tools. The quest for perfection is relentless. Maintaining and strengthening a position of leadership requires vision, dedication and staying power. Leveraging its unique insights into the translation business and into the professional translator's requirements, TRADOS is always working to bring you a better solution that enables more efficiency, stability and flexibility.

TRADOS is language technology for professionals that provides you with unique advantages:

TRADOS is the only Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool that allows you to work in the familiar and comfortable Microsoft Word interface. There is no awkward spreadsheet, or proprietary user interface to learn. You do your translating in a familiar word processing environment, and you can take advantage of all the tools in Word, such as formatting and spell checking.

You never have to translate the same phrase twice. With TRADOS, your computer will remember phrases, and sentences as you translate them. If they are repeated, the software will offer your previous translation back to you allowing you to recycle your work. This saves you the time of rethinking and re-typing that part of the text.

The more you work with TRADOS, the larger your memory becomes, and thus, the more effective. TRADOS will also offer translations for partial or "fuzzy" matches. These are sentences that are similar but not identical to sentences in memory. In the case of a fuzzy match, the differences will be highlighted, and you only need to edit the translation. This creates a new memory, for future comparison. All of this results in a significant increase in your speed.

TRADOS offers a feature (WinAlign) that will allow you to upload your previously translated material. This puts every sentence and phrase that you have previously translated directly into your memory.

TRADOS will also help increase your consistency. You will always have the option to change the translation of a phrase from the memory, but if you do not chose to, then exactly the same terminology will be used each time a particular phrase is translated. This can be helpful, particularly in technical writing, where deviations can lead to misunderstanding on the part of the reader.

TRADOS is particularly useful for updates. If you translate a service manual for a company this year, you are likely to get that business when they update their material. Those manuals are likely to be up to 95% identical. In cases like this, you only need to translate the 5% of the text that is different!

TRADOS is the industry standard among service providers and companies with internal localization teams. Using TRADOS yourself makes you more attractive to people who need freelance translators, because they know that your work, and the translation memories you create, will be compatible with their own. Using TRADOS can help you win business.

TRADOS is the only real choice for complex and challenging file types. For HTML/ASP/JSP, SGML/XML and XSL formats plus tagged FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, InDesign, Ventura and Interleaf/Quicksilver files, TRADOS TagEditor gives you extra security to translate with confidence. New Quality Assurance features help you insure a quality product for your customer. Even the latest NET-driven Web technologies and related formats such as ASP.NET are fully supported.

How can TRADOS Help your Business?

TRADOS language technology applications support all aspects of translation-related activities: from translation to project management through file format conversion to conversion of legacy translation materials. TRADOS 6 for Language Service Provider enables you to enjoy:

Use Productivity Gains for Competitive Advantage.
Through translation memory reuse, TRADOS leverages translation database technology to capture and recycle human intelligence. This eliminates repetitive work and time-consuming searches for changes in revised documents, archived work and other language resources. By memorizing a translator's work, TRADOS offers dramatic productivity and efficiency gains – while enhancing language quality and consistency.

Using TRADOS Means More Customers, Easy Access to a Qualified Resource Base and Investment Protection.
As the recognized standard within the translation industry by a very wide margin, an investment in TRADOS language technology allows your service organization to stay ahead of your non-TRADOS enabled competition and enjoy unparalleled access to a base of qualified professional translators. An investment in TRADOS has a short payback period and will provide you with a dramatic return-on-investment.

Secure your investment through maximum interoperability.
Designed with an open systems architecture, the TRADOS 6 for Language Service Providers can be automated by using the new desktop Software Development Kit. Support for industry-standard exchange formats such as TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) level 2 further enhances interoperability and demonstrates TRADOS' commitment to open standards. What's more, this allows you to migrate from any other translation memory system to TRADOS TM quickly and easily.

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