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ECTACO Multilanguage Voice Universal Translator™ UT-103 Multilingual Voice Translator with Speech Recognition System
ECTACO Multilanguage Voice Universal Translator UT-103

Multilingual Voice Translator with Speech Recognition System   

Understanding what you say in English and translating it back in Spanish, French or German, the UT-103 is a miracle of ease and comfort. And it looks good too! Able to be used as a Speech-to Speech translator or as a compact and stylish phrasebook this powerful little device will simply amaze you with its extensive abilities. This handheld contains more than 3000 phrases and everyday expressions covering 14 different subjects. Now you will communicate with effectiveness and ease in a whole range of situations where before you would have needed an interpreter including hotels, banks, shops, restaurants and hospitals and more!

Unique linguistic resource

  • The speech recognition and reproduction system was created using 700 different American English native speakers’ voices
  • Advanced speech-to-speech engine repeats phrases in 3 foreign languages
  • Friendly interface, easy to operate
  • Clear speech, superb sound quality
  • Built-in digital voice recorder with microphone
  • Multifunctional Action Button for easy navigation

Business organizer extras

  • LCD display
  • Headset for added comfort and private listening
  • Built-in alarm clock


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