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The Swinging Facts - Swinging, also called the alternative or 'alt' lifestyle, seems to be increasingly popular among mainstream, middle-aged married couples in America.

Iran Is a Rich Country - Many say that although the current regime in Iran is completely out of control, radical and fanatical, that the country is worth saving.

Giving Makes You Happier - Pastor, as you know, God created us in such a way that we are motivated to act in our own best interest.

A Different Perspective of Immigration - In most western countries there is a heated debate on how to legally handle the immigration of people from other countries.

A Potted History of The System of Reiki - Viewpoints about the system of Reiki and its past are numerous.

Women as They Appear in the Works of Jonathan Swift - Jonathan Swift, one of few prominent figures of the 18th century tries to uncrown romantic ideal of femininity, peculiar to that epoch.

Making Your Move in Miami - I have a story for you.

Using Newspaper Classifieds To Find Dates - Even though some people feel that newspaper dating ads are a thing of the past, you can still find a great companion that way.

What Do You See as the Top Barriers to Your Success in Life - What is one thing that you consider to be one of the top barriers that is keeping you from achieving personal success?.

A Stranger Among Us - I can look back at times in my life when I was wondering around in the dark.

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