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Iran Is a Rich Country

Many say that although the current regime in Iran is completely out of control, radical and fanatical, that the country is worth saving. This is because the country is said to be rich in culture and history, strategically places and indeed has lost of raw materials. Yet we as Americans know we cannot allow them to have nuclear weapons as they also sponsor international terrorism, which is completely unacceptable. Can you imagine a nuclear weapon in the hands of International Terrorism? Consider it. But on the other hand Iran's rich heritage is evident as well;.Andy states; "Fact #7 is so glaring that it needs to be elaborated on its own merit: Iran is a rich country in just about every meaning of the word, it is resource rich, human resource (people rich), geographically rich and most importantly culturally and educationally amongst the richest countries in the world, along with Greece and Italy who gave us the 3 great empires the world has ever seen, i.

e, Persian, Roman and Greek.".What are we now reading from the CIA Sourcebook with a re-write from a Muslim US Professor who expatriated from Iran? What is the point of this? Every nation is rich in culture the older ones are more rich?.Andy states; "Iran has the 2nd largest reserves of natural gas in the world and 4th largest reserves of oil in the world, so all this talk of sanctions and other idiotic threats is just plain stupid.".

Indeed and the miss management of what they take out of the ground is causing Earthquakes and they know, but do not give a darn about their own people. And your comments do not state the fourth largest "known" deposits, so be careful how you phrase stuff. Unfortunately Iran is not only fully exploiting their riches but also using them as an economic weapon and rather pissing off many citizens of the world to the point if they could they would vote for a war just to lower fuel costs. Consider all this in 2006.


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