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Foot Fetish Why Some Men Find Boots and Shoes So Erotic - The treasured foot.

Postage Rates Increase - E-mail has replaced the need to send a letter through the regular mail.

Throwing Out Crazy Acronyms to Sound Smart - If you've spent any time online, whether emailing friends, posting on message boards, Instant Messaging co-workers, or chatting in online rooms, chances are you've learned your share of acronyms.

War on Mediocrity is Needed - United States has a war based economy in this is something that is historical.

Tips to Reduce Dating Stress and Enjoy Your MidLife Love Life - A new category of dating has emerged across the county ? mid-life dating.

The Manifesting Mindset for Self Improvement - For years we have been exposed to self help and motivational instruction that focuses heavily on the physical world.

Petroleum Free By - Are solar, wind and nuclear power an impractical pipe dream? If you answered "yes," it?s time to review and update your thinking.

Pucker Up The Benefits of Kissing - 
He gathered her into his strong arms, his deep brown eyes gazing lovingly into hers as he slowly lowered his lips ? teasingly, provocatively ? his breath baring his very soul as their lips finally joined, fusing their souls together fo.

Reintegrating Mind And Body With The Human Spirit - There was once the view that mind and body were separate and distinct entities.

FriendsWhere Did They All Go - Having been a 26 year pastor in 13 congregations in 5 states, and after having gone through the theological slaughter of the 90's perpetuated upon the membership by "leadership," I have to ask the question, where did all the friends go? The only.

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