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War on Mediocrity is Needed

United States has a war based economy in this is something that is historical. Luckily for us our war machine has served us well we have had very few attacks and although there are some nations to do not like us, most all respect us in the power we could yield.In times of war the United States gets it done, we always have. Instead of having a war in some ridiculous country, which cannot even get out of its own way, why not have a war on mediocrity.

Let's declare war on laziness, poor work ethic and lackadaisical attitude. In doing so we can promote productivity and efficiency in all we are and all we have built.We need to take a good hard look at the flows of our civilization and figure out a way to do everything we do better. We can do this by declaring war on mediocrity and instill the sense of responsibility to our nation and our systems to fight evil. That evil being the inefficiencies, which come about through the lack of caring and the negative attitude that; it's good enough.

Because it is never good enough, we can always do better. It is un-American to be lazy, to do a half ass job or to live in mediocrity. We have come too far as a nation and sacrificed too much to act in a manner that disrespects our ancestors in our noble heritage. Consider a war on mediocrity and consider this new 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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War on Mediocrity is Needed - United States has a war based economy in this is something that is historical.

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