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Foot Fetish Why Some Men Find Boots and Shoes So Erotic

The treasured foot.The foot represents another erogenous zone for the foot fetishist. Just like the breast or the penis, the foot is a piece of art on the body. It has curves and delicate zones. It can respond to hard and soft caresses, while also remaining hidden much of the time.

A foot fetishist noticed the curve of the ankle into the heel, the arch of the foot as it sits in a high heel, and the perfect alignment of toenails.And he or she wants to worship those areas like any other erotic zone.Just like you would see a bra or a corset on a woman's body, foot worshippers like to see feet with open toes and lots of straps. Platforms make the feet just out of reach, and all the more alluring.Pedicures and perfumed feet are just other ways to make a foot fetishist weak in the knees.

But some foot fetishists like the natural smells and scents of the foot. And that is as erotic to them as the musky scents of sex from the genitals.Symbolic feet.And it's not just the physical appearance that gets many foot fetishists going.

Feet also have the subtle reference to servitude and submission. The appearance of a high heel can send the fetishist into erotic fury because of the implications of having to submit to someone else's will and desire.The clacking of heels always used to tell you when the teacher was coming back to the room.

With a blindfold on, the heels tell the tale of a mistress coming back to her 'slave.'.Feet in high heels imply power over the man.

A woman who wears platform boots is in control of the man's desires because he wants to touch the feet so badly. But she keeps them hidden until the man submits to her whims.Play time.The feet can be caressed and fondled just as any other erogenous zone.

Some men like to tickle and stimulate the feet with feathers to see the way they move and twist. Because the area is so sensitive, the person who is attached to the feet may find that what once caused laughter now caused desire.A lot of men who like feet will suck on the toes individually in order to simulate oral sex. This can be highly erotic for the recipient as the sensitive areas between the feet can give both pleasure and also pain. Imagine trying hard not to laugh while someone licks and sucks on your toes, but at the same time, you feel the stirrings of an erotic lust.

It can be amazing.Some foot fetishists like to incorporate the foot into intercourse. By using the toes or the point of a shoe to gently stimulate the penis and the scrotum, the fetishists can feel intense feelings of pleasure.Some foot lovers can only experience orgasms when the foot is utilized in lovemaking.And some guys even find the shoes themselves erotic and stimulating. They see erotic zones in each of the parts of the shoe, rather than the actual materials.

The heel is erotic, the sole is erotic, and the point of the toe is erotic.Decorations.To make the feet even more appealing, high heels are the most often requested shoe. Second to that is the platform heel that created a high arch in the foot and a sleeker line in the leg. And just like any other tease, the covering of the foot makes the man hungry to see what is underneath.

You might also want to dress up the lower leg with stockings or socks that highlight the object of his desire.Foot fetishism is completely normal and healthy, so there's no need to worry. Dress up your feet today if your man wants to celebrate the ten little toes.

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com She has many intresting topics and ideas for all to read about. Check out more of her articles.

By: Iris Emery


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