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Aaron Was His Name But a Hurricane Was His Game

Some are worried that New Orleans might get hit again and ruin all the debris clean up and rebuilding efforts and cost the taxpayer even more billions of dollars. So far we are looking at a bill of over 200 Billion and well just imagine the final bill after crybaby Ray Nagin gets done milking us? Not to mention all the lawyers suing for mold and eventually causing us to make it a toxic waste Super Fund Site. My gosh the New Orleans "Disaster Bowl" will be more like a bottomless money pit of wasted Tax Dollars.But could another Hurricane really hit New Orleans? Certainly it could imagine a Hurricane Aaron of August, third 1995 landing just 120 miles West of where it hit? Certainly that would cause another breach in the levee and all our hard work, prayers and diligent rebuilding efforts would vanish in an instant and we would be left with more lost dollars and ruble.My question is are we doomed to repeat? Well certainly we are and unless we rebuild New Orleans with a completely different game plan, then that city which is already sinking 2 inches per year every year is as good as sunk again.

You know as far as the human species being at the top of the food chain one has to wonder why we lasted so long. Surely if our ancestors were as dumb as us, there must be 100's if not thousands of lost and buried cities under water, underground and buried by Mother Earth. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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