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Academic Contradiction

The liberal based bias in academia is totally laughable as these folks attempt to convince us that they are smarter than us and the common sense is a relative term and based in perception? Oh really now?.Have you ever considered the basis for this argument of theirs in their liberal skewed Utopian view of the world? Utter nonsense indeed, actually a 12 th century popper could make a better argument than that my dear sir. The liberal land of academia tells us that we must never tell others what to do and that we should see everything from their perspective, as well as our own.

Then they put forth absolute horsesheet and tell us to dump our own thoughts and see it from their perspective. Then they try to pull rank saying that they have this degree in such a subject or a PhD in another, which means they are smarter to judge such things? Yet all a PhD is proof you have surrendered your views and your beliefs to that which was taught, tested and discussed in order to get that piece of paper proving you know what you are talking about.Yet in reality you now know what they are talking about and have ditched your own thoughts in the matter. And in doing so are so utterly brain washed and convinced you are right you will not see the common sense perspective? Gee whiz folks this is hypocrisy at its finest, reminds me of some of the largest world religious organizations. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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