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An April Fool to get your Pulse Racing

So it's April ? time for blowing away the cobwebs and clearing the decks, ready for all the joys of spring! To get your man in the mood for some spring-cleaning, tape a note to the door, telling him you need his help cleaning the garage. No doubt the thought of doing chores will mean that a little naughty fun is the last thing on his mind ? all the better to surprise him!.Meanwhile, you've been doing your prep work.

With a little imagination, the garage could be the scene for some very hot action. How do you think he'll feel when he finds a French Maid running her duster over the shelves? Perhaps you could arrange to be halfway up a step-ladder when he comes in ? though take care when you reach for the high shelves or he'll get a very good view of your French knickers?.You can stay in your role as you ask him to help you ? perhaps you're having trouble reaching those dusty corners and need him to hold onto your ankles. You need to act a little bit helpless here ? even feisty girls can play dumb when they know it means they'll get some action.

Of course, your body stockings will feel so lovely under his hands he may be tempted to go a little further. Just be sure to have on some fabulous lingerie underneath that little maid's outfit.If you want to take this fantasy a little further, just think ? you're in the garage together, just the two of you. Now what does that dark, windowless space remind you of? Your very own dungeon, perhaps? Why, if there isn't a coil of rope lying right over there ? if your man isn't happy with the job you've been doing cleaning the place, he might just want to tie up your wrists and give you a good spanking. A little bondage could put a daring twist on your spring games ? as long as you both trust each other and know how far you want to go, exploring the possibilities of your 'dark little dungeon' could be thrilling for both of you.

Of course, there's the chance you might want to turn the tables on him and tie him up! If you're shy, a blindfold could help you feel totally secure that he can't see what you're doing ? even if it's blushing! How do you think he'll feel getting tickled with that feather duster? Or even hearing the snap of a whip behind him?.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link: Cheap Trashy Lingerie | Exotic Lingerie.

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By: Hannah Johnsen


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