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The Power of Women - One of the most positive aspects of starting my new business has been to explore the amazing power of women.

Japanese Girls Dating Outside Their Race - Many people of the world are choosing to date outside their own ethnicity and Asian girls are no different.

Entrepreneurial Capitalists and the Railroad - Indeed we are indebt to the builders of our rail systems and those who made it happen.

Would George W ever tell a lie - Copyright 2006 Cole's Poetic License.

Try Using Fortune Cookie Affirmations - About once a week I trek to my favorite Chinese restaurant for some crispy duck, sweet and sour shrimp, and a dollop of inspiration.

How Do You Define Wealth - There is a fellow who lives in a trailer park.

The Health Scam Sham - Are They Healing You or Robbing You?.

Yoga for Pain - Is Yoga really a cure for pain? What kind of Yoga teacher should you visit for pain management? What style of Yoga would be best, if you are constantly feeling pain? In which cases would Yoga not be advisable for students in severe pain? Let?s.

Who Determines Your True Worth - Some say your JOB because they pay you a salary or hourly wage and offer (or do not offer) benefits, perks, etc.

The Treasure Inside You - An excerpt from "The Role of Your Life".

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