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Who Determines Your True Worth

Some say your JOB because they pay you a salary or hourly wage and offer (or do not offer) benefits, perks, etc.Some say the vehicle you drive, the house you live in, the neighborhood you live, your friends, your clothes, where you hang out, and on and on.You have natural talents or skills, those that seem to be inherent within you.

Getting along with people easily, being able to logically figure things out, ability to focus and stay focused, being organized, making things happen, etc. And then you have your learned (acquired) talents or skills from attending College, reading and listening to tapes, attending seminars, On the Job Training (OJT), being tutored by someone, etc.But these talents or skills do not determine your True Worth.

The truth of the matter ? it is you who determines your True Worth. You determine what you are truly worth. It is by your action or inaction, by not making a decision which is within itself a decision. Following through on your dreams and desires or not. It is all up to you.You can read all the books, listen to all the tapes, attend all the seminars or listen to all the tele-conferences but without a plan, without action (I know this from personal experience) you are determining your worth by your inaction.

You need to dream again ? remember those dreams you had as a kid? Dream again and bring the adult dreams out. Then you need to visualize the dreams by giving them a present tense as if you are living them today. Use the visualization to create your goals in all areas of your life, not just possessions.

Your goal setting should include at least the six major areas of life that you need to take action on. An action plan is necessary to put in motion the activities that will allow you to achieve your goals.Keeping track of what activities you are working on requires a daily planner and a journal to record your every day feelings and ideas. The daily planner allows you to see your plan in action but the journal gives you a record of how you start out and how you grow and become what your vision says you are.Even when using the tools mentioned is there anything else that could hold you back from achieving your true worth? What is you inner talk like? What are you saying that could be holding your back? Changing your inner talk requires some assistance, that is where affirmations come into play.

Reading your affirmation every day help to change your inner talk and thought patterns.If there is unforgiveness, anger, resentment or bitterness against anyone or a situation ? it could be creating an artery clog to your future and your true worth. Make a list of anyone you feel you need to forgive, you don't need to face them in person to forgive them, just make the list and burn it, shred it, or throw it away and move on.Achieving your true worth is an awesome journey, for you will see yourself move from where you are to where your vision takes you. Is it a one day or week or month journey, it is different for everyone, but it takes time and commitment to start and continue on this adventure. You will find that as you realize you are worth more than you imagined your goals, vision and affirmations will change.

The great part is that with your journal you will have a record of this journey to encourage you as you see the results both small and large in your beliefs.To Achieve Your True Worth, you need a plan (a system) that will assist you in starting, planning and organizing and keeping track of your new adventure. Once started it just takes focus, desire and action on your part to start moving forward. Hesitation or indecision will leave you where you are, but action will assist you in moving forward with your life. So take action today and enjoy your future.


Gary is the creator of the Achieving Your True Worth System, a complete system that acts as a guide to a life that is worthwhile and exciting.

By: Gary Aschenbrenner


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