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Japanese Girls Dating Outside Their Race

Many people of the world are choosing to date outside their own ethnicity and Asian girls are no different. In fact, many men are attracted to Asian girls, even if they are not Asian themselves. With more Asian girls dating Caucasian and African American men, some people are getting upset by this.

Long ago, most Asian girls had pre-arranged marriages. In fact, they often had very little choice over who they would marry and who they could mingle with. Today however they have a lot more choice in the matter, much to many parents' chagrin. The question is if it is wrong for Asian girls to date outside their race.Many of their parents and many Asian men think it is very wrong. Morally, they feel that Asian girls should stay true to their heritage and help that heritage go on in the world, in a pure way.

They feel they should not procreate with those of different races. It really has more to do with national pride than racism. They simply want their race to go on, and if all of the Asian girls run off with people of different races, it will be difficult for it to go on completely.

However, no matter what, Asian girls are likely to do what they want. This is especially true of those that live in the USA, where they have no laws telling them who they can and cannot date or marry. It is certain that this will not cause the end of the Asian community in any way however.

Their parents and others that view it as being wrong should simply get over it.

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By: Oh Srichaphan


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