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Try Using Fortune Cookie Affirmations

About once a week I trek to my favorite Chinese restaurant for some crispy duck, sweet and sour shrimp, and a dollop of inspiration.Of course, a bright and shining moment comes when I am presented with sliced mandarin oranges and a fortune cookie.And the check is presented, too, but I hardly notice, because I'm too busy indulging my sweet tooth, anticipating an even sweeter fortune to come.

Most of us regard those little pieces of paper as worthless shards, but they can be more, with a little imagination.Admittedly, some fortunes are dumb and nearly incomprehensible. I suspect the soothsayer gets tired of being so cheerful and optimistic, and cynically inserts a prediction that is notably confusing, or hopelessly ambiguous.

But most fortunes are plucky, upbeat propositions, such as my recent one, which is now adorning my desk, in my office:."While times may seem difficult, your future forecasts a quick turnaround.".That's beautiful, isn't it?.And that should be turned into an affirmation or two, don't you think?."Times only seem difficult," could be one of them.

Repeating this, silently or aloud, could be valuable in tough circumstances.And how is this one:."A quick turnaround is in my future!".See, there is wisdom to be found in those cookies, so eat out more often!.


Gary S. Goodman, President of, is a popular keynote speaker, management consultant, and seminar leader and the best-selling author of 12 books, including Reach Out & Sell Someone«, You Can Sell Anything By Telephone! and Monitoring, Measuring & Managing Customer Service, and the audio program, "The Law of Large Numbers: How To Make Success Inevitable," published by Nightingale-Conant. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, worldwide. A Ph.D.

from USC's Annenberg School, a Loyola lawyer, and an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker School at Claremont Graduate University, Gary offers programs through UCLA Extension and numerous universities, trade associations, and other organizations in the United States and abroad. He holds the rank of Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.

He is headquartered in Glendale, California, and he can be reached at (818) 243-7338 or at:

By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman


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