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Are Illegal Aliens Bad for the Environment

Many National Organizations for Hispanic Rights say that illegal aliens and illegal immigrants crossing our borders do not impact the environment at all. The little amount of affect is so small it is irrelevant they say.Additionally they say that the illegal aliens would not have to cross in open areas of desert or National Desert Park Lands if they could freely come over open borders.

Stating also if they could come in without fear of being turned back they would not cross the desert where many of them perish due to over heat exhaustion, lack of water and blistering temperatures in the summer months.Are illegal aliens bad for the Environment? Well many do believe in fact that they are and have photos to prove it of trash, which has been strewn across the desert landscape from illegal immigrant and illegal alien crossers coming from Mexico to the United States. Also many National Park Service employees have gone on the record stating that they have trampled plant species, pissed on endangered cactuses and really caused a lot of damage to the Deserts very fragile eco-system.What can be done? Well if we put National Guard along the borders then they can shoot anyone trying to cross and this will prevent them from trampling native vegetation and throwing their trash all over our nations Natural Parks.

Consider this in 2006.

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