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Are You Listening

To celebrate May Day, I knelt down in a field of daffodils and was kissed by the morning dew. It was so quiet except for the bees humming and the occasional bird song.It reminded me that we all need to find or create our own sacred spaces; havens and respites from the endlessly noisy and complicated times we are living in. Places of retreat where there are no cell phones ringing, music playing, and people talking. Where the rush of traffic is replaced by the soothing sound of a nearby stream. Places where we can just listen.

Listening is an art form that for many of us is lost. Today, we have some of the most amazing ways to communicate, and yet, we miss one of the most important elements of communicating and that is listening.Most of us really want to be heard and to be recognized for who we are.

We want to feel like we matter and have a purpose in the world. Can you remember a time in your life where you felt that someone really listened to you and heard you? How did this impact you?.I think we are all guilty of thinking we are listening to our children, partners and friends when what we are actually doing is preparing for what we will say in response. That silent pause (you know the one I'm talking about) is deafening. How can we avoid it? Most of us rush in with something to say just to fill in the space.

Yet, it is in this stillness, this pregnant pause, that ideas, emotions and all creativity is born.When we are able to put aside our own thoughts, judgments, and concerns and truly hear what "the soul" is saying we become transformed by the act of listening. Listening then becomes a gift we both give and receive.In this month of incredible renewal may you find luscious moments of pure listening.


By: Nancy Bishop


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