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Cant We All Just Get Along Evidently Not

"Things are clear for me , the military operation in Gaza ,aims to destroy the infrastructure completely,to end up with no goverment no PA , no negotiations with palestinians,peace is not israel goal, israel is a colonial , racist regeime,hiding behind democracy.and its citizens security.THE AIR RAID IS CONTINUING" Mona Elfarra-Gaza.One of the most profoundly simple statements ever uttered in the past 100 years was done so by Rodney King of Los Angeles standing behind a microphone a bit bewildered by the attention he was getting for having been beaten almost to death by "authorities." "Can't we all just get along?".The anwer is evidently no.

You'd think that a country with a history of recently having been the object of eradication by others, would not think they need to pass the same misery on to others. But alas, even as I write, the small nation of Israel, that like other nations on the planet, can at times cause more problems than they are worth for others, is pounding the crap out of a smaller minority of people who simply wish to be left alone, have some place to live safely and enjoy the brief experience we call life on this planet. Evidently that is asking too much of a people who looked to the German authorities not all that long ago to be given the very same considerations. It was not and evidently is not to be.

Is it because Israel is "The Holy Land," what a joke, that no one seems to be able to tell them to try talking politely with respect towards all concerned for a change. If you were Palestinian, would you not fight like hell to save yourself and your family since you have already arrived on the planet and wish to stay awhile? That's also the current problem with our country and the current administration. Bluster, bully and then bomb seems to be the way things get done, when of course they don't get done at all.

Anytime a North Korea, Iran or perceive "enemy" of who, of course, hate our freedom, tries to talk to us, an excuse arises as to why that won't work. Makes you think there is some other agenda going on here.If we were talking about Uganda, or Uzbeckistan, no one would care. God never lived there! It's the waste howling wilderness we call "The Holy Land" that gets way too much attention. I have to say, they have managed to save their hides over the past decades by convincing Christians that God still lives in Jerusalem near the Temple Mount, so specialness preserves and protects.

I worked on a dig at Megiddo a few years ago and was told by an Israeli friend, "we live by our witts around here." They surely do, don't we all, and must I suppose, but why on earth they can't talk to others who have the same right is getting beyond me.Go ahead and "Google Earth" the Gaza strip and then push the retreat button and see just how small the space is that Palestinians can't have. Of course keep going and see how small Israel is.

Keep going and see how small the planet is in the vastness of space.keep going and see how small space is in the vastness of the universe. Then ask why these mere specks on an obscure planet cannot have an obscure space of their own to live a relatively short time and be left in peace. Stupid isn't it? Most leaders of most nations are stupid, selfserving and have forgotten long ago what it means to give every human on the planet the basic love and respect they deserve. All my life, the rules in African leadership, for example, seems to be kill the last guy, now comes the savior of the people, he forgets his roots, robs the country blind and the cycle starts again. Here is the rule for aspiring leaders.

You were first human and wanted love, respect and peace before you were in charge. Try not to forget this basic fact. Most do." I am writing while the jet fighters are in the sky , with their horrible sound , bringing death and horror,it is 10.

30pm, I am still like everyone waiting , i hope they will not go ahead with their operation into Gaza, the outcome could be horrible ,the resistance movemet are going ahead with their preperation too,but the balance of power is obvious to wich side ,any way Israel with resistance or no resistance is attacking us all the time, but this time will be different ,and in the process many civilian lives will be lost,iam listening to the local radio, it seems that the operation started in khanyunis ,the artilary started shelling ,under the cover of apachi heliocapters,and jet fighters , i am able to write now , do not know what will happen next,the power might cut off soon , few hours ago , Mohammed and Sondos had a narrow escape during their way home , a car exploded 150 meters from my home , close to the president home, one person died and 4 injured, i cannot help feeling of worry, i am after all a mother." Gaza mom--July 2nd, 2006.Let's back up to the evening of September 11, 2001 when America had suffered it's worst attack since Pearl Harbor. We won't go into what may or may not have really happened that day. I'm still trying to figure out who killed Kennedy.

Would we have been better off if the following address to the nation was given, now that we can look back and see how much worse off we are as a nation and planet than we were on September 10th, 2001. Perphaps Israel, Paletinians, Iranians, North Koreans, Iraqis and Americans can give this a try for a change. We'll assume that the reason this speech did not take place is not because there is another agenda and the speaker could not give it with a straight face."Good evening my fellow Americans. Today America was attacked and we don't know why.

(I'm not naive, we do know) We grieve at the loss of innocent and hard working Americans who simply got up this morning to go to work and never got to come home. We grieve with and for their families. We are perplexed and while it would be natural to find the real or imagined enemy that has done this to us, we are going to be patient and circumspect so as not to cause more problems for our fellow human beings than we solve with a bad and ill advised reaction. It will not serve anyone to treat the effect.

We must ask ourselves why and what is the cause of this horrible act. I intend to do that before we take one more human life. There has always been way too much knee jerk in our history and it only causes more grief, short term and long.While it may anger those that always need to start shooting within hours or days of such an event, I am calling for a world peace conference where we can find out why this has occurred and take the steps necessary to insure it never does again, for the good of all people.

Perhaps we have become something to others that we were not aware of. Perhaps we need to look more deeply at what we have in common rather than what divides us. Perhaps we can turn tragedy and hatred into something more than unending rancor and war between people who share 99.

9% of the same genetic family history. .Perhaps, as that Great American Philosopher, Mr. Rodney King, said."Can't we all get along?.

".I think you get the point.I'm dreaming I know. But if you fancy yourself a "leader of me," don't forget the women and children. If you believe with all your heart you have some special quality that we all need to get along, then by all means, show us your stuff.

If you are butthead, as many are, please stay home from now on and if you are currently in a position of leadership, so called, retire, step down or quit. We have had enough of your kind."the operation against Gaza ,is continuing,it is 1.

30 am,the gaza bridge has been destroyed,the jet fighters are still in the sky hitting many targets. the gaza power plant was hit bt at least 7 missiles , i can see a big fire from my window , and hear the sirens of emergency vans,the gun boats started shelling too , i live by the beach.By Scott Wilson Washington Post Foreign Service Friday, June 30, 2006.

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip, June 29 -- Fatin Shabaat left home here Thursday with her three hip-high children, looking for safety from a slow-moving Israeli military assault launched to free a 19-year-old soldier being held by Palestinian gunmen.Israeli artillery batteries lobbed shells around this farming community in the Gaza Strip's northeastern corner throughout the day, after leaflets dropped from the sky warned residents to remain clear of Israeli military operations. Shells whistled overhead, slamming into the fields and dunes where Palestinian gunmen regularly fire crude rockets at the Israeli city of Sderot, a white smudge along a ridgeline three miles away.Although she never received one of the written warnings, Shabaat clutched her children, ages 2, 3 and 4, and headed to her father's home in the town center, far from the dirt paths that have served in the past as routes for Israeli tanks. An Israeli airstrike had already left her without electricity, along with about 700,000 other residents of the strip, and artillery shells were falling close to her back yard."This is only going to get worse," said Shabaat, 25,.

And indeed it will if we don't have leadership that reflects a more enlightened approach to governing besides the eye for an eye and teeth for teeth. Soon we shall all be blind and guming our food.

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By: Dennis Diehl


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