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Carwash Owners Refuse to Come Clean Illegal Alien Workers

In the United States of America one of the worst industries for exploiting people and illegal aliens are carwash owners. I personally visited over 3000 carwashes around the country and I have always been appalled at the number of illegal aliens working there, they do not speak English and are not from our country and most of them are illegal aliens.On May 1, 2006 we're going to see a boycott where illegal aliens are going to teach Americans a lesson by not showing up to work and that means every single carwash in the country with only a few exceptions will be shut down. Why do so many carwashes exploit people? Why do so many carwashes higher illegal aliens?.

The largest carwash chain in the country was caught three months ago and over 50 illegal aliens were arrested at only four locations. But this carwash chain has nearly 75 carwashes. So if they caught 50 illegal aliens at four locations then we are talking over 900 illegal aliens at one company. You know there are 39,000 carwashes in the United States of America?.

That one industry alone has to be the biggest cheaters of hiring illegal aliens of all the industries put together as a percentage of the total number of outlets. And what is worse is that they do it in plain view. For decades your local carwash has been hiring illegal aliens and you have never once called the authorities. You know illegal immigration is your fault because you did not turn in your local carwash.

Consider this and 2006 and make that call today.

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