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Dating How To Win The Best

I believe that enough is being written about what you should do and what you should not in dating. Let me ask you another question - whether you deserve the best partner available out there? Is your answer is in yes, or are you getting scared with the thought? If you are a man, do you not think that you deserve to get the most beautiful, intelligent and loving lady? And if you are a woman, do not you believe that you deserve a prince and nothing less than a prince?

Not many of us think of this at all. We have all developed habit of satisfying ourselves with our low self-esteem and low desires. We dare not think of what I said earlier. Why not? Do you not think that you are good? Are you not the best? Unfortunately most of us do not believe that we are the best.

What stops us from thinking that we are the best? Money, physical beauty, personality, intelligence and reputation in society are some of the factors that make us believe that we are not the best. When we look around, we find people better than us in all these departments and that dampens our spirit. This is where we all make a mistake. Not many people have all the qualities combined. And believe me, that it is your idea that the best person out there is looking for somebody with loads of money, beauty and intelligence. You may be surprised to know that they may be looking for somebody like you.

The first requirement is to stop calling yourselves average. The second requirement is to make improvements wherever possible. And the most important requirement is to change our thinking and start believing that we deserve the best person out there.

Please do what I have suggested. You may get a pleasant surprise.

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The author, C.D.Mohatta writes for screensavers and desktop wallpapers on topics like nature, spirituality, motivation, love, holidays, animals, etc.

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By: CD Mohatta


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