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Do You Believe That a Gay Terrorist Fringe Exists

Do you believe a gay terrorist fringe exists out there somewhere? Oh I don't believe it, but the problem is festering you have to admit and although not near that point I could see some individuals taking it upon themselves to do something radical and drastic having no other options. Mostly this idea was probably to spread fear, chaos and controversy and the person who stated it to me seemed like kind of a conspiracy theorist. I heard someone say it once at a coffee shop, probably of the Christian Far-Right, but I thought I would present it for alternative viewpoints, So what about the question?.Pretend I did not say it.

As I am merely presenting something I had heard and you know how fear goes? There is a fringe on the other side [Christians side] burning down their own churches right? Well then? So, I thought I might present it. I did so to provoke the most ruthless reaction, but you are too smart to fall for it and thus I will simply repeat this gentleman's assertion that a gay terrorist like fringe exists.No actually I do not believe it either, but anything it is possible with small fringe elements in any group. The gay and lesbian community certainly has Tigers in their group too and what happens when you back a human into a corner? They cannot flight, so they fight right? Consider this in 2006.


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