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It is a fact of life that some people suffer from a Lack of Confidence. Unfortunately this problem holds back people who, in other ways are highly qualified but are failing to use their full potential.Without confidence to promote yourself as competent and efficient you are losing credibility, opportunities, status and many more valuable assets. You can overcome this problem by taking action NOW!!.Many issues are responsible for the lack of self confidence. They have to be identified before any improvement can be made.

Some of the factors which cause lack of self-confidence are:-.- Fear.
- Self Belief.
- Personality.
- Attitude.

- Communication Skills.
- Education.
- Low Self Esteem.

These are just some of the problems, but obviously there are others which you need to confront.Often outside help is required to boost your self confidence as most people find it difficult to carry out self analysis by being objective, accurate and critical of themselves. But remember you can overcome some of the causes with simple steps outlined below. At times professional help is required and is readily available on the Internet and from other sources. This help can be extremely beneficial when properly used and can greatly increase your prospects in employment in addition to improving the quality of your life.

Let us examine the reasons listed above to find how to overcome them.FEAR The most common fear is fear of failure. whether it is in employment, sport, home life, socialising, communicating, just the fear of failure can prevent you achieving success. the fear of failure is purely in the mind, and once you convince yourself that is so you will be able to start making progress. Then you will be able to take chances.

You will be able to look for more responsibility at work and as your confidence grows you will start to look for promotion in your job. If you play a sport, accept you are not going to be a top professional, but also decide you will be as good as you can be. In other words, accept the level of your expertise and enjoy it. Be confident about it. After all, we can't all be Tiger Woods or Wayne Rooney. Millions of people who are not good at their favourite sport are able to derive tremendous satisfaction from it.

If your home life is suffering through your insecurity, do a reality check, analyse what you think are your short comings, and can you improve it. YES YOU CAN. Get help, talk to your friends, relatives, and partners, and ask for their opinion.

There is no shame in asking acquaintances, friends and relatives for advice. Socialising can sometimes be difficult for people with little confidence, particularly if you tend to be shy. One of the best ways of building confidence is, when in a social situation, to listen to what people are saying.

If you feel you have a point to make or an opinion, speak up. But do be careful and make sure your view is relevant to the discussion. If not, say nothing, and listen. You will always find someone or some group who are talking about a subject you know something about.

You don't have to be an expert to mention a valid point or to display an interest in the subject being discussed. Simply by showing an interest you will find socialising becomes much easier. It's important to always try and keep up to date with current events. Obviously not all current events, but ones which interest you.

That way you will always be able to make a contribution to a discussion or small talk at a social function. If you follow the tips in this article you will go a long way to improving your self confidence.Don't forget. The only fear of fear is fear itself.


Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to Education.

By: Michael Russell


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