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Federal Trade Commission in Charge of Energy Price Gouging What a Joke

The Federal Trade Commission is now in charge of Energy Price Gouging? Okay so what does this really mean? Well it means during Energy Week in Washington DC, the FTC announce that it was in charge of FREE Act? What Free and Energy in the same sentence in the same week even, what a farce indeed?.Nevertheless, FREE Act stands for Federal Response to Energy Emergencies Act; you have to love these creative Political Staffers who dream this up? Must be all that Homosexual Male pent up energy or something?.Sorry if I sound cynical, but at least I know what I am talking about unlike these podium pushers and their lap dog agency the Federal Trade Commission.

The most incompetent agency in Washington DC in my opinion and the one with the flooded parking structure across the street and the soggy Starbucks Patrons on the corner.So how is the exactly what is the Federal Trade Commission going to do to stop energy price gouging this I got to hear after listening to all their public relations press releases after they were assigned with the CAN SPAM Act. Remember they spent 6-8 months coming up with a definition of what Spam was, while SPAM increased some 3000%.Well it seems the FTC or Federal Trade Commission will come up with and establish the definition of what; Energy Price Gouging Is.

Well here we go again, a lot of good that is going to do? Do these politicians even hear themselves talk? FTC taking a bite out of price gouging? Not if their lives depended on it. The FTC in my professional opinion cannot do anything right? Consider this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.

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By: Lance Winslow


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