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Finding your own Scheduling Style Keeping Organized

There are a lot of tools to help people organize their daily schedules. Planners, notebooks, calendars, PDAs, computer programs, Post It Notes, our short term memory and even scratches of paper. I once met a man that wrote down his to do list and daily schedule on the front page of his newspaper with a black Sharpie.

It worked for him becuase it fit his style.The key to a success is to find the style that works for you. Experimentation is usually the best way to start. But there are a couple of questions you can answer for yourself that will help guide you in the right direction. First it is important to discover your peak performance hour.

Some people concentrate best in the morning while others prefer evenings. Whatever time you are able to focus with the least amount of effort, that is the time you want to set aside each day to prepare your to do lists and daily schedule. Second ask yourself how you view your day.

Do you understand your day as a series of tasks or as blocks of time? Are you deadline concious or a perfectionist with little regard for due dates? These questions should help you form ideas on what kind of system will work best for your own personal style. Once you have an idea, start to make connections between the options available and your preferences. People who think in lists often like diary books.

Place the date in the upper right corner each day and use the free space as you wish. Some people like the structure of a defined system that uses To Do lists with project connections and priority ratings. Whatever you try, ease into it. Don't go out and buy an expensive planning system without trying it for a week or two.

Many systems sell filler packs. Buy one of those to see if the system fits your lifestyle before buying the whole package.When experimenting, remember that there are common traits that many successful system share. Always plan your day at the same scheduled time. Routine is a must! Second, spend time analyzing your schedule.

How many tasks are too many? When is the best time to break? What tasks do you continually write down, but never complete? And third, try to avoid keeping several schedules or calendars. Having all your information in one place will help to avoid confusion.I hope these tips will help you find the scheduling system that fits your personal style and helps you to reach your full potential. Happy Organizing!.

.Karli Bertocchi combines her talent for making sense out of chaos with her natural ability to help people discover their personal organization styles. In 2004 she founded Organized With Style, a service company that specializes in both residential and commercial organization. As a professional organizing consultant Karli can create an action plan that can save you time, money and stress.

By: Karli Bertocchi


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