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Fixing the World By Fixing Your Self

You know I have been traveling around the country and talking to folks about fixing the world and what I have found is that it will not be that easy. You see everyone can identify all the problems out there, I am sure you can too and they span throughout our civilization and the flows of our Nation.Things like; integrity issues in government, corporate corruption, water, power, gasoline prices, energy, communication, traffic, money, jobs, trade deficits, economics, drugs and hell the list is so long we could finish the article just listing all the many issue that, well that we really need to fix you see?.

Now then what I have found while listening to all these folks is so few have any solutions, sure they have one or two ideas based in linear thought which if we were to implement as solutions they would cause other unintended consequences to boot. What I am saying is the real solution is for everyone to fix themselves and be the best person they can and look in the mirror and lead by example.Indeed if they did this most of our civilizations problems would disappear and well fixing whatever was left would be pretty simple really I hope you will consider this in 2006 and be the best that you can be; part of the solution and not adding to the problems.

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By: Lance Winslow


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