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Health Wealth and Abundance Collecting the Coins of SelfWorth and Growing Your NetWorth

Do you feel that your life is not measuring up to what it is "supposed" to be??? You may have grown up with this irrational fantasy that you are supposed to be "happy" all the time. You were probably taught to seek this unattainable happiness and to avoid pain. Then, when you are in a "not happy" state you fault yourself or others for not living up to what you thought was supposed to be. This scenario may have happened to you many times, thereby making you feel disappointed and frustrated with life. The more times that this happens, you loose your self-worth.

Although my family was well intended, I grew up in a home which fostered no self-worth. Then I grew into an adult and had two children, where I was propagating this irrational fantasy outlook on life. I had a fantasy that I was supposed to be super happy all the time. When this, of course, did not happen time after time after time, I would become more and more negative in my self-worth and I became depressed. I thought that I was doing something wrong and that something was wrong with me.

Here is where you can learn by an experience in my life: I was married to a husband that did not value me and was verbally abusive. I was a stay-at-home mom with no real life purpose except to take care of my children. I was living my life according the values of other people and could hardly even identify what my own values were. The "outer" voices were louder to me than my own inner voice.When the terrorists attacks occurred on 9/11, 2001, I saw how precious life is and a quest was born in me.

I have had an insatiable appetite for learning the laws of the universe and how to apply them to life.The lesson you can learn is that in the universe all things are equal. Events, for example, are neither negative nor positive. Thus, in my case, in my marriage, I could have and I did for a long time, see the way that my husband treated me as bad, extremely negative. Through my studies of universal law, I realized that this was only half of the truth, however.Here is the most important part of the lesson for you -- on the other side of the coin, was the positive.

By beating myself up on the inside, I manifested my husband's behavior toward me. I felt that my life was not measuring up to the (irrational) fantasy that life is supposed to be happy all the time and I, thus, attracted this negative behavior toward me. I came to realize that that is not the way life works. There is pain and stress. The key is for you to use these feelings to learn from and, thereby, balance yourself. Although I am divorced, I can whole heartedly say that I love my (now) ex-husband.

I feel grateful for the lesson that came through him, which taught me to bust open my irrational life fantasy and to stop beating myself up on the inside. I have changed my life to one of love and inspiration.Another important benefit of this lesson for you is that once you change your thinking, you stop patterns and manifestation of things you don't want. In my case, I changed the dynamic of the relationship with my ex-husband.

Although I got a divorce, we have two children together. I could not and still cannot avoid this relationship. Thus, by changing my own thinking, the verbal exchanges between us have changed dramatically; I am no longer a victim.Here are the keys:.* Keep your inner voice the loudest
* Live your life by YOUR values
* Know and work toward your life purpose everyday
* Always look for the positives in situations that make you react negatively (and vice versa)

You may have difficulty seeing this at first. I am still challenged by this "equilibration" process, although I am getting faster and learning more every day. You can learn to see the good in situations where you have reacted and thought of as bad. Likewise, you can learn to observe the negative in situations where you might have become infatuated, or to see only positives.

You learn a lesson by seeing both sides of the coin, by equilibrating, by seeing the positive and the negative. Then, we move on to the next lesson. Thus, our self-worth grows by collecting "coins self-worth lessons." Go ahead and get stacking!.This tool of equilibration is useful in every area of your life. This is how you will master your emotions.

Once you learn to master your emotions, you master your life (instead of your emotions ruling you). When you master your life in this way, the money follows and your wealth will build.In this state of equilibration, which is one of love and inspiration, you will experience many benefits. You are powerful when you see the balanced truth.

When you master your emotions, you are able to communicate with your soul. You will create magnificent visions with clarity and specificity. You manifest and identify opportunities to take your visions to form and, therefore, build your life around your life purpose.

When you have a cause which is greater than yourself, such as your life purpose, and you link money to your values, which you linked to your life purpose, your financial wealth grows to as large as your vision. Make your visions enormous!.Kindest regards, Bridget Copley.


Bridget Copley is a former penniless Mom of two children who has created a successful business which she runs from her home, with a proven, breakthrough system she created.How To Understand The Story That Is Holding You Back From Being All That You Can Be.Free Report shatters the prevalent assumptions about your subconscious.and demonstrates how you can in less than 5 minutes change your story.

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By: Bridget Copley


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