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Home Relaxation For Those Who Work Outside Of Home

With today's hectic lifestyle in most Western countries, many people really do need to find ways to relax and unwind after, or even during, a day's work. It is not just a question of self indulgence, but one of health and well being, and making the most of life. Home relaxation is therefore an important consideration, even with a hectic Western lifestyle.

Different home relaxation techniques may be appropriate to different individuals. However, another factor that can influence how you relax at home is whether you work at home, or elsewhere.This home relaxation article is about those who leave home every day for their job, and then come home in the evening. For such people, who number the vast majority of European and American workers, their home relaxation has to take place in the evening, and the opportunity may only last a few hours before it is time to sleep.Home Relaxation After a Day's Work.

Every one of us has a different daily routine, so any suggestions here are aimed at an "average" person with an "average" lifestyle. The following ideas and techniques are there for you to select from in order to unwind from the day's stresses, and give you the chance of retiring to bed later feeling relaxed and ready for a sound sleep.1. Silence.

When people arrive home from work after a hard day, especially to an empty home, they are often tempted to switch on the television, radio or hi-fi system. What this does is immediately fill your surroundings with noise. That is not the best start for home relaxation; rather it creates a linking bridge from stress outside the home to stress within it.To emphasise the difference between the world outside and at home, tranquility and silence can make a big impression. This is especially so the first few minutes after you arrive home, when an immediate switch on of sound is like hitting the panic button.

This is a time for home relaxation, so try to resist that temptation until a bit later.2. A Relaxing Bath or Shower.

With the silent mode still on, take a long relaxing bath, or better still a shower, to wash away the working day's residue. Close your eyes for spells, as you prepare for some relaxation.3. Lie Down and Relax.Once you have had your bath or shower, and dried, wrap yourself in a comfortable bath robe. Stretch out on the bed, on your back, and relax.

Close your eyes ready to focus, but do not fall asleep. Enter a spell of deep breathing, and then think of somewhere you find relaxing, like a tropical beach, or floating at sea. Alternatively, focus on each part of your body, briefly, from a point above your body, as if you are hovering above yourself.

There is no need to do this for too long, just enough to help complete your transition from the hectic working day, to the relaxing evening at home.4. Be Well Prepared Cooking.Once you have had your transitionary home relaxation, you will no doubt have a few chores to do. One of those may be cooking your evening meal. By being well prepared, and ensuring that you know what you will cook and with what ingredients, which you will already have in stock, the cooking can be turned into an enjoyment rather than a chore.

5. Do Not Use the Television as Background Noise.There is nothing wrong with watching television; it can be relaxing.

However, having the television on from the minute you get home to the moment you go to bed, or even after in some cases, does not contribute to home relaxation; quite the opposite in fact. It is far better to plan your evening, and switch on the television only for the duration of those programmes you really want to see. If there are no such programmes that evening, then leave the television unplugged.6. Make the Most of Music.Music can be wonderfully therapeutic.

There is no need to buy special relaxation music, though it may be worth trying one such CD just to see how you get on with it. If you get involved in music, it will transport you away from the day's grind, whether it is ambient, classical or rock music. The classical and ambient music may be better for the spell before you go into a home relaxation or meditation session, but if rock music helps you unwind earlier, then why not enjoy it? Home relaxation is not about punishing yourself; quite the opposite in fact.7. Low Light and Candles.Even if you are alone, candles can be very relaxing for the home, and it is a good idea to use them liberally for their calming and spiritual effect.

Candles are not just about creating a romantic atmosphere, but an ideal atmosphere for home relaxation.Low lights from lamps are also effective in helping you relax, but not so influential as candles.8.

Aromatherapy Oils.Certain aromatherapy oils can have a relaxing effect, so their scent is an ideal participant in home relaxation. However, be sure to learn the right essential oils for relaxation. Such information is widely available online. Some aromatherapy oils are refreshing and will enliven rather than relax you.

Better still, get advice from a professional aromatherapist, one who is fully trained on the medical effects of the different essential oils. If you book an aromatherapy massage at home one evening, you can ask about the different oils after the massage. However, be sure to tell the aromatherapist you want a relaxing massage, so they select an appropriate mix of oils.9. Guided Meditation.In the latter part of the evening, when all the chores are out of the way, and you are organised for your next evening's meal, try to make time for a full period of guided meditation.

Between one hour and 90 minutes is ideal.If you have not used guided meditation before, there are plenty of tapes and CDs available online. Some people prefer to guide themselves. That is fine if you are able to do so. However, if you have not used meditation before, then the use of another voice to guide you is probably the best way to start.Home relaxation is really about an attitude of mind, and an acknowledgement that you have to take positive steps to truly relax.

A little bit of planning, and self pampering, can go a long way to achieving a pleasing contrast to the day's work and commuting routine.Much of the above is based on your being alone in your home. If you are sharing with a partner and/or children, then the same techniques still apply, but you will need to negotiate your space with others living in the home.

That may not be as difficult as it sounds.

.This home relaxation article was written by Roy Thomsitt, owner and part author of the Routes To Self Improvement website, where you can also find audio articles, including this one.

By: Roy Thomsitt


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