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How To Create Your Own Success Formula

It is a marketer's burden to create his or her own formula to reach success as there is no such thing as "one size fits all" for marketers.Every successful marketer that you have heard of has accomplished this and their own formula is somewhat different than any other successful marketer's formula.Therefore, no one can guarantee your success by following them because your path will be somewhat different and only YOU can find it.The burden of success is clearly on you.Where one marketing strategy may work for some.

the exact same exact strategy may not yield the same results for others.Always put your own twist to everything that you do while you model other successful marketers along the way is a great approach. That is to say. you don't have to reinvent the wheel but also never carbon copy it either.You see .

not everything works the same for everyone. Success is not like that and you may become disappointed quickly if you simply follow the standard "Monkey See - Monkey Do" marketing some will try to sell you on.So to be different. what you want to do is test various strategies and try to make them profitable. Seeing what works with your own eyes is truly the best teacher of success and will open the door to many success formulas that you can use over and over.We as marketers must all do this and it's where we germinate our own formulas for success.

By trying different things through testing and changing the variables it gives us a cause and effect that yields results which can be measured.You have to be like those few salmon that can swim upstream against the current that holds others back while YOU succeed!.Please reread that "salmon" line again because it is a perfect universal analogy of success itself.

Only testing will allow you to swim upstream against the current until you arrive upstream at success.Testing IS the only magic bullet.TIP: Test till you find a winner and then you move on and upward from there and on and on it goes. It's the momentum that makes it all work.

The snowball effect. I call it Marketing Momentum.That's when you start to see success. This is long term thinking if you are serious about being successful in online marketing.But how should you approach testing since it does present a "needle in a haystack" type of mental block?.

Only by failing forward until you succeed at something will you see fruit from your testing.So go fail till you succeed and expect it to be part of the growth that leads you toward success. Therefore, don't be afraid of the little failures that lead up to success.And above all.Action with Persistence is the real key to any success.Action with Persistence will out-do others with more knowledge and even experience.

Action with Persistence wins the race slow - but steady!.And. believing in yourself even when no one else is there for you is a powerful source for creating your own successes. But you MUST believe you can do it and never give up until.

Bottom line. with Action and Persistence PLUS Belief in yourself, there's nothing holding you back and that truly IS your greatest success formula of all!.


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By: Michael Nicholas


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