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Intergalactic Peace Corp

Do you ever feel as though your drum beats to a different tune than the people around you? Have you possibly had the painful thought that you do not belong here, and that you want to go home? Are you sometimes plagued by a nagging thought that you are here for a purpose but you do not know what it is?.If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a member of the Intergalactic Peace Corp. If that idea surprises you, then congratulate yourself for being successful in deluding yourself from your truth, because that was the first part of your mission.If you are continuing to read this article, you are probably one of the courageous volunteers who came to serve at this time. The main reason you had enlisted as part of the intergalactic team on this earth mission was because of your great love for this planet. Besides having the sincere desire, you felt confident that your much needed skills and abilities were an important part of the Divine Plan.

You realized that in the process of your giving, you would be receiving by escalating your own soul evolvement. Your commitment to reincarnate also offered you an opportunity to clear some negative karma that you had accumulated during your previous lifetimes on earth.You felt honored when God asked you to join this momentous mission. With a sense of adventure, great joy, and excitement, you said, "Yes!" and you proudly took your spiritual vows.Then you decided who your parents would be based on your karma with them, and their ability to help you learn your chosen lessons. When you were conceived by your mother, the veils came tumbling down and you forgot who you were.

That was necessary so that you could be a part of the human race, in a sense infiltrate it, and make changes from within.You might have had second thoughts when you started feeling the pain of the fear-based illusions embedded in this third dimension. Coming from the fifth dimension or higher, where there is only love and light, you forgot how difficult this planet could be. Being very sensitive, you probably heard or sensed negative thoughts from your parents and others, and felt the negative energy transferred from your mother to you through the umbilical cord as you floated in the womb.Losing touch with the fact that you were supported by many other spiritual beings from the light, including God, you fell into the illusion of darkness, of separation.

It was frightening to think that you were all alone, and possibly not even wanted by your parents, or deserving of being born. But you courageously persisted and survived the birth trauma. When you were greeted by blinding bright lights, and a painful smack on your buttocks, you may have been convinced that it was not safe here on earth.If your parents were unable to express their love, your drama intensified. As you were growing up, if they were critical, or too busy to tend to you, you probably decided that you were not good enough, important, lovable, worthy, or intelligent.

If they shouted, or spanked you, you were convinced that you must be bad. If they were in pain, you most likely blamed yourself, felt guilty, and absorbed their negative energy. When they demanded that you be a certain way, you locked up the real you and pretended to be someone else. These survival tactics worked but you were miserable inside.

Your soap opera probably began early in life, and you can pride yourself on the roles you played. You did such a good job that you could be a candidate for an academy award. The only trouble is, you forgot it was all an act. You forgot who the real you is.Now is the time to wake up. Now is the time to move on to the second phase of the mission.

Let go of all your fear-based illusions. Let the decorative stage curtain fall to indicate the end of the human drama phase of your mission. Applaud yourself for a job well done.Reverse the process, and now forget the false limitations you learned on this planet, and recall the true unlimited reality.

Let the veils lift so that you can remember who you are and why you came here. Turn inward, heal the inner child and realize that you are lovable, worthy, important, good enough, intelligent, and a good person. In fact you are a beautiful child of God. Accept your oneness with all, and experience your spark of light. Bellow the spiritual flames and let them fill you with love and light.

Reconnect with your unlimited spirit (that is who you really are), put yourself in the driver's seat and tell your mind, body, and emotions that you love and need them all to function on this planet, but that you are now in control. Courageously explore and express your unique skills and gifts.When your life flows, and you love what you are doing, you will know that you are impeccably in tune with your divine service. Let your light shine and your intergalactic peace corp teammates will find you, and support you.

Ask for all that you need, and be open to receiving it.Understand that the people who you feel have hurt you have done their job well of helping you to experience the pain of humanity. Forgive them, and forgive yourself for buying into the limitations, and the victimhood. Accept them where they are, honor their free will, and avoid trying to change them or demanding that they go with you.

Realize that they always did the best they could with the information they had?they were controlled by their distorted perceptions of themselves and others.Acknowledge that their spirit also knows the Divine Plan, and that they have gone as far as they can. Imagine that they are passing you the baton, and now it is your turn to make the final stretch to the finish line. They are counting on you to take them back to the light. Since we are all connected, all divine spirits, as you free yourself of the fear based-illusions, you are helping to liberate others.As you succeed in your personal transformation from darkness into light, from fear into love, you can truly be one of the glorious midwives of this beautiful planet.

Earth, a divine living organism, is also now being transformed, liberated, and freed from fear-based illusions.You incarnated during these exciting times in order to assist in this incredible shift, this planetary rebirth into the light. This is the mission that you exuberantly opted to serve in.

With grace and humility, walk forward into the known. Your spirit knows exactly what is happening, what you will be doing, where you are going, and how you will get there. Surrender to faith, and listen inside for your guidance.It is safe to come out now and be all that you are.

Now is the time to acknowledge your magnificence, your peaceful power, your Godself. With joy, love, and light, follow your unique path without hesitation, and make your peaceful contribution as part of the honored Intergalactic Peace Corp.

.Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT, is a Marriage, Family Therapist, intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, author, speaker, and workshop facilitator. To empower people, she developed a unique process, HART: Holistic And Rapid Transformation. She offers phone sessions, teleclasses, a self-help on-line program, inspirational books, e-books, tapes, cards, posters and independent studies.

By: Helene Rothschild


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