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Iran Ready for War Better Be

Is the world ready for an Iran war? Well, ready or not here it comes. Iran is preparing for war and fully expects a war and they fully expect to win it. The United States of America and her allies should not expect Iran to be a cakewalk since they now have anti-aircraft weapons that are Russian made and high-tech.Iran also has bought Chinese long-range missiles and has been in enriching uranium from Chinese stock.

Additionally Iran sponsors international terrorists organizations and has threatened to use them on the rest of the world if they try to stop their nuclear ambitions to build an atomic bomb.Iran wants to build an atomic bomb because it has promised to blow Israel off the face of the planet and with nuclear weapons and Chinese long-range rockets it could do just that. Israel obviously will not stand for this and will be forced to preempt a strike. Once that occurs we may find ourselves in a war two along with all Western nations.Iran is ready for war are you? It seems like just yesterday we started a war in Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein who continually violated U.N.

resolutions and was a violent dictator to his own people. We may find the president of Iran may be worse in many ways and if allowed to pursue building of the nuclear bomb we may see the unthinkable in the present period. Please consider this and 2006.

.Lance Winslow.

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By: Lance Winslow


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