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Is Someone Interested in You

Have you ever dated someone, and even though you continued to go out there never really seemed to be anything really "right" or anything really "wrong" with that dating relationship? Some people will tell you everything, and others tell very little with their words. What are the signs someone isn't that interested in you?.Does this person stay engaged in conversation with you? Or are your conversations one sided and non interactive? If someone is really interested in you, they are interested in communicating with you. The person in question will engage in face-to-face conversations, phone conversation, emails, and other methods of communication. When someone isn't interested in you, communication will be sparse and minimal.

Look for their time spent communicating with you as a gauge of interest.Does this person appreciate your interests or your unique ways? If they do not, they aren't interested in you enough to carry on a relationship. You want to have someone that shares, or at least appreciates your personal quirks, hobbies, and characteristics that make you uniquely you.

When a person just makes factual comments or remarks that are condescending, it is time to take a pass on this person.Now women, guys when they really like a girl seem to go out of their way for them. This can mean opening car doors, a door, for you. Look for these little clues to see if their interested is there. Men, does a woman look you in the eye, blush, stroke her hair? If she is doing these things she is really interested in you. For both sexes is this person trying to make physical contact with you? Are they reaching out, touching your arm or anything like that?.

Our time is precious and important to us; it is a good idea to spend it with people who care enough about you to treat you well. Life is too short to spend a bunch of time with someone that you don't click with. If you don't click with that person, move on! There are lots of little signs that can help you see just how interested a person is in you.


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By: Stephanie Manley


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