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Jill Carroll the Christian Hostage in Iraq Case Study

Everyone knows Iraq is a dangerous place for a reporter, volunteer or an American and it does not matter if you are a soldier, businessman or volunteer. If you are a woman, well even more so, as Western women do not follow the norms of their culture there in the Arab world.You know if someone is working for the Christian Science Monitor in Iraq, running around with a cross on them and talking about Jesus, and I do not know if she was or not, but I would assume she would be instantly identified as a target.

She is lucky she is still amongst the living. I will not however buy the book, as it seems to me that is pretty flagrant in your face attitude which caused her to be a target, now then I have no use for international terrorists believe me, we need to rid the planet of all of them and anyone who would kidnap or behead or any of that nonsense.However I think a national debate on the flip side of this issue is worthy discussion. Glad she came back in one piece we do not need any more statistics or national tragedy figures.

We have a huge culture clash going on in the world and feeding the fire with in your face, here I am attitudes is going to get more Americans and Westerners killed until that society and civilization comes to grips with the new Free Iraq.Things are much different now without Saddam and some are not exactly able to cope with it all. We should not expect everything to be perfectly US like in the interim, nor should we be pushing our limits.

Jill Carroll pushed those limits, should we be all that surprised at what happened there to her? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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