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Just Be How To Find The Present Moment

Many people think that they're living in the present moment, but if you really stop to think.are you? What can you do to make sure that you're present? Here are some simple tips to get you in the moment.and get you living better because of it!.First, try this. Pick a present moment and describe it. Describe everything about it.

How does the air feel? Is there a certain smell in the air? How do your clothes feel as they touch each part of your body? Do you taste anything? What do you see? Notice everything that you're aware of. Begin every sentence with: 'Right now?' or 'At this moment?' or 'Here and now?'.Sometimes, you can have resistances to this exercise.

So just notice and write down any difficulties or resistances that may arise. Be AWARE of these issues and put them aside. Now, transfer this exercise to.exercising! Think about your resistances to exercise, get in the present, and describe how you feel!.If you don't know where to start, use these questions. Why did you start the exercise when you did? Were you tired? Angry? Did you go blank while doing it? Did you daydream or wander off? How long was it before your mind wandered off?.

Now what do you do to get back on track? The first thing that I like to do is use "stop thoughts." When you're having a negative or self- destructive thought, just tell yourself to STOP! Like Jen says, throw those negative thoughts into a mental blender and scramble them up! Sometimes I even write the thoughts in a journal and "capture" them in the closed book. Whatever helps you to move past these thoughts, do it! Get rid of them and move forward immediately. Get in the present and create the life that you want. Think of it like this?an hour from now is only a fantasy.

And an hour ago is only a memory. The present is what you have to create now. Do it!.IMPORTANT: When you do this "getting present" exercise, you don't have to do this sitting still. Do it at ANY time! If you think about it while taking a walk or even doing the dishes ? DO IT! The more practice you get at being present, the better!.BREATHE?CONTACT?CONNECT with the present moment! Anxiety is usually about tomorrow.

But things like boredom, impatience, and annoyance can cause anxiety because you're preventing a full experience. Always acknowledge these feelings and the STOP them.and move on! I know it sounds basic, but it really is that simple! The only thing you can control is your own thoughts and reactions, so get to it!.To re-acquire the full feeling of PRESENCE is an experience of tremendous impact.

And you will definitely know it when you get there. Don't fear it?just BE with it. The present is your present!=.

.Mind-Body nutritionist, Jen Blackert, Austin Nutrition, teaches you how to observe patterns and learn to change those patterns, Know what foods to eat for your body, how much of those foods to eat, lower stress & increase calm, and reduces anxiety related to food, eating, weight & body image.

By: Jen Blackert


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