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Life Artistry Painting Your Future Portrait

Somebody once said that it's easier to live your life if you are living in the present moment instead of living in the past or the future. Wouldn't it make our lives even easier if we use the present moment to create our desires right now? Instead of seeing that what we want is coming in the future, we can choose see that what we want is right here right now. This is a key step in the creation process.Sitting in the present moment and seeing what we want is the easy part. The hard parts are figuring out what we want to create and seeing that we have access to it right now.

It takes great focus and determination to do this, but anybody can be successful at it.The creation process can contain many steps or it can contain just a few. The important part is to figure what works for YOU. Each person is individual and has a different belief system, and the belief system plays a big part in creating what we want.The following strategies are meant to help get the process started. They can be used all at once or little by little.

Take some time to play with them and figure out what works for you.1. Be careful with your thoughts.

What you focus on, what you concentrate on, what you think about will soon become your reality. It's the form that you will create within your life.What have you been thinking about lately? Is that what you ended up creating? Did you think about lack and get lack? Now try thinking about abundance and how it flows through you to others (this is key, by the way). What happened?.

Focus on what you want, where you want to go, who you want to be or what you want to do and see that as a picture in your imagination or feel it as a sensation. Go into that visualization or feeling often. Know that it is real.2. Dream big. As long as you are sitting in the space of where you want to be, it is making the connections with where you are now and causing an evolution in your life.

The more often you sit in that space, the faster it will develop. So, when creating in this way, dream big. Dream the biggest, most impossible seeming dream you can. Make it your intention to come somewhere close to that big dream (close enough that you can reach out and touch it, making it yours).3.

Start trusting. Know that you will always be taken care of. The only person who can truly let you down is you. Now, are you going to allow yourself to fail miserably and stay at the bottom forever? No! Of course not. Have a little faith in yourself and trust that you will always pull through.

4. Show gratitude. Every chance you get, take a moment to thank someone. Thank the person who held the door open for you, thank the waiter who brought you your lunch, thank the person who gave you a compliment. There are always people around you who could use some gratitude.

It feels good to be acknowledged and thanked.5. Let go of worry.

When you worry, you create blockages. When you create blockages, you restrict the your life's flow. When you restrict your flow, nothing gets done and chaos reigns. You don't want that, do you? Of course not. The best thing for you to do is to let go of that worry.

6. Sit in your peaceful center. How do you get out of your box of worry? You push it away and sit in your space of peace or your center. Focus for a moment on your chest/abdomen area. Get out of your head and go to that area. Find your center of peace there.

The more your focus on it, you'll notice the bigger it gets. Or is it actually already big and you are just discovering it's vastness and it's depth?.The longer and more often you sit in your center of peace, the more you notice your worries going away. Pretty soon, you won't even remember what it's like to worry. What you focus on is what you get.

When you focus on peace, you get peace.7. Focus on giving. Focusing on giving also brings that which you focus on into your life.

Want to create more abundance and prosperity into your life? Then focus on giving it to others. Become a channel of abundance and prosperity for others with the actual intention of being the channel of abundance and prosperity for others.Warning: If you focus on being the channel of abundance and prosperity for others with the expectations of receiving it for yourself, then you will block it from coming into your own life.

This type of behavior blocks your life's flow and that defeats the purpose of becoming the channel for prosperity and abundance. Let go of that kind of thinking and trust that what you send out is what you get in return.8. Sit in this moment. Do you have everything you need for survival right at this moment? Then that's all that matters.

Sit in this moment and focus on your breath, your chi. Watch it's flow. In and out.

Focus on the constant flow. That's all that matters right now ? the constant flow of your breath, your energy, your chi. As long as you have that flow, you are in the space to be able to create anything with it. Keep that in mind at all times.

The rest will fall into place. With focused thoughts and intentions, and help from your intuition, you'll have what you want in no time.9. Use your intuition. This is how the Universe communicates with you. This is where you'll find the information to help you move forward.

"Intuition is the knowing in the center of your being. When you know something without having evidence of it, you are using your intuition. It's the place where your Self communicates with the conscious you.

It's the place where the God-Energy communicates with you." (Taken from "Open Up and Fly! Beginner Techniques for Lifting the Veil" by Wendi Moore.) Your Self, the God-Energy, and the Universe are all the same thing perceived in different forms.10. Share what you know with others.

This, in a sense, is like being a channel for others. There are people out there who could probably benefit from what you know about creating your life, so by all means, share it! What has worked for you? Write about it in an article or on a website, or in a book. Speak about it to a friend, or a small group, or a large crowd. Get it out there so more can come in.

That's what creates the flow through the channel ? receive the information, experience it, and then pass it on to make room for more to come in. Pay attention to the flow. When it starts to slow down, it's time to let something go.COPYRIGHT: ©2006 by Wendi Moore-Buysse.

.Wendi Moore-Buysse works with business professionals who want to increase their female clientele. She also works with women who want focus, purpose, direction, and greater well-being. Visit her website at http://www. to read her Life's Little Cheat Sheets(TM) blog.Article Source:


By: Wendi Moore-Buysse


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