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Love Do Not Let Romantic Love Die

Love and relationship based on love has many stages. The phase of romantic love does not last long. It is the most pleasant phase of the relationship and unfortunately, it passes very soon. The joy is short lived.

After this phase comes the phase of mature understanding that may lead to lot of bickering and split amongst many. Why allow that phase to come at all. Or why let romantic love die at all? Can we not continue that phase forever? Let us find out.

In the phase of romantic love, the lovers feel very passionate about each other. They want to be together.

They want to make each other happy. Their only objective is to enjoy the romance, send love notes to each other and enjoy the bliss of romance. After sometime, this phase passes away because of ego, relationship misunderstandings, expectations and other life problems that become more prominent.

Can we not stretch the romantic love forever? Experience says that it is not possible, but some exceptions are there. why not follow the exceptions? Let us see how.

Talk about this with your beloved in the beginning of the romantic phase. Tell them about how romantic love dies soon. Make a pact that says that let anything happen, we will not let any misunderstanding, any expectation or any other problem end the romantic love. Read the pact everyday and live by that.

As soon as anything happens, remember the pact and go back to romantic love. I think that there is no other way of keeping romantic love alive forever. If you can manage that, your life will bean envy for everyone.

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The author C.D.

Mohatta writes articles, advice and ideas on love, dating, marriage, relationships, break-ups, etc. He also writes for desktop wallpapers and screensavers on topics like nature, spirituality, motivation, love-romance, holidays, animals, etc. One more site associated with the author has fun flash games which surfers can play online. .

By: CD Mohatta


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