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Make Your Love Garden Grow

With the spring season upon us, the days getting warmer and the smell of sweetness in the air, it makes me want to get out in my garden and start planting.

When I begin planting young plants in the dirt I know that if I don't provide ample water and regular feedings, the plants will wither and die. Sometimes the plants continue to hang on, even with my neglect.

But then there are other plants which cannot survive any neglect whatsoever.

Love relationships are the same: If we refuse to care for them on a regular basis, they start to disintegrate.

I often wonder why we tend to our daily chores, hobbies, vices, etc with zeal ? but refuse to see our "love" relationships withering away. We must nurture our relationships so they continue to grow and produce a healthy and glowing partnership, or we are simply "stuck" with a relationship made of dead wood.

To make your "love" garden grow, please water and "feed" regularly.

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Jane Karwoski is co-publisher of the e-book, "Secrets to Romantic Intimacy". To find out what a "true romantic" knows, sign up for her newsletter at


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