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Mankind and His Unnatural Environment in Modern Civilizations

Mankind has lived as a social animal for hundreds of thousands of years and our Chimpanzee Cousins do too. It might seem that mankind has been thrust into a high-tech world, which is so foreign to its genetic displacement yet, here we are. Some say;."Mankind is nothing more than "hunter gatherers" running around in SUVs and sporting cell phones and they are just having a grand old time acting out in every possible way!".

Indeed and your comments about modern society and civilization are correct I believe, it takes time to evolve and when you through mankind into a completely modern context, well they are still humans underneath all that is new. But it also causes the brain to get a work out to adapt and that means nurture is running redline trying to make up for evolution, which is trying to speed up. And it appears that evolution might be speeding up too, as if mankind is commanding it too.There is more fog of information flow and more to conquer than ever before as well. I see many people unable or unwilling to keep up and fall back on being comfortable and well you know what that option makes sense too really.

There is a sense of calmness in simplicity. Personally having experienced both, I am okay with either; that is to say the fast paced world at the Speed of Thought or the slow mellow pace of an inner peace so to speak. Although like many I gravitate often towards the most challenging, fastest and exciting because well, because it is fun.One would suppose there is a big difference between living near or in the Great Redwood Forest or in Tokyo, NY, Beijing, Los Angeles, DC or Boston. Human Beings seem to be adaptable to either, very interesting species really.

Perhaps we might consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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