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Marriage is Between Men and Women

We have all heard the latest debate over gay marriage and many are putting their political foot down and saying no way. I know why this is and it is not just because of the Christian Right, it is due to the in your face attitude of the Gay and Lesbian Community Fringe. And with in that fringe group is indeed a very vindictive fringe, which will go to any length to shut up any out spoken disagreement with them.

Previously I myself have been attacked.Well I cannot put all the correspondence here online. But I have had my company threatened by boycott, which was ridiculous due to the fact that our company has a large Gay and Lesbian customer base in many markets.

Nevertheless the level of terrorist borderline type threats is BS. In fact the claim of secret networks and all that baloney that the gay fringe uses so often in these threats is in fact usually baseless. The Gay fringe to which I speak has deep roots in social networks who will usurp the law in order to make sure no one disagrees with them.That is disgusting and despicable that a fringe believes they have the right to cheat, lie and abuse power because they are protecting their own is non-sense and there can be no excuse for this, none. One should not demand rights and attempt to over ride the rights of others. Yes, I am still speaking to the fringe, the ugly gay fringe.

And if those who associate with that fringe wish to be heard, then they need to control their own. If not they live in hypocrisy and so hear is your mirror when looking at the Christian Right, as so many are not good Christians and live in hypocrisy as well.I have been threatened "we will use every legal means possible to shut you down" which was stated in about five paragraphs in more than one email and thus literally saying we will abuse the law and find a way to use it to attack you. Talk about how to win friends and influence people.In fact the gay fringe, which is the most vocal on this subject is no friend of mine, but neither is the Christian Nut Case, "burn in hell crowd" either. I think indeed it would be nice if you could clear the table of the road blocks and take the children on both sides to the rubber room and sit down and do what is best for all concerned.

And that would be the best for humanity, for country, homosexuality and the sanctity of marriage; I hope you agree.

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By: Lance Winslow


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