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Methods Of Divination And Seeing The Future

Learning to do Divination may take a little more practice for some people than others, but it can save you from many of the pitfalls of life. However, some people have a more natural affinity for it and can begin to "see future events" much easier than others.Alsoi, it is important to remember that the visions will not always be crystal clear - you may have to learn how to interpret what you see in your divinations. Any additional materials you need can be acquired from any wicca supplies shop on the Internet (or in your local area).Now then, here are a few different types of divination that you can begin to practice now - and a description of each.

Square of Mercury - This is a cabalistic form of divination. It is usually used as a base for other forms of divination. It draws the power of Mercury, the Great Diviner into strengthen and better unfold future events.

Scrying/Crystal Balls/Magick Mirrors - These are general focus tools used to see into the future. Sometimes full images and scenes will play themselves out in the depths of the reflections. Sometimes you will only see symbols. Other times it may be a fog or clouds that move one way or another in answer to your questions.Necromancy - This is a form of divination used to communicate with spirits of the dead, and must not be entered into lightly.

The spirits of the dead are said to have answers to past and future, because the have pierced the veil of living in linear time and have the ability to see all things at all times.Bibliomancy - This is a form of divination where you take a Bible (but any other book or tome of wisdom may suffice), ask your question, open the book at random and start reading where your eyes fall on the pages to receive your answer. Another method is to take a needle and open the book, pinpointing the place where you should begin reading for your answer.Auguries - Simply put, the signs of nature and other happenings around you.

This was the method employed by many of the ancient shamans. A question is asked and then they waited to see what symbols appeared in nature, which way the clouds moved, or the birds flew. These were all ways that they determined the answer to their questions, and gauged what was to unfold for the future.Ouija Board - I wanted to add this in here, because so many people have played with Ouija boards as a game to ask questions of the spirits. It is a method of finding out answers for the past, present, and future. As with necromancy, must not be undertaken lightly.

One thing that people fail to recognize in their "game playing" with the Ouija board, is that you are, essentially, opening a gateway between the worlds to communicate with spirits. I recommend staying away from them. If you feel this is a tool you would like to use, then set your basic circles of protections in place and treat the use of the board with the care and respect that you would with any ritual.The art of Divination is one of careful practice. You will find an entire section in the Home Academy ? complete with step-by-step divination using pendulums, scrying, Magick mirrors, and more. You'll be able to see exactly how to use divination to see into the future successfully with the included DVD demonstrations.

.Rose has been practicing different forms of Witchcraft for over 27 years. For more information on wicca supplies visit her site The Ask Rose Ariadne Witchcraft Site.

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By: Rose Ariadne


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