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Mother Earth is Smart Lots of Copper in Her Hair Follicles

As many of your know the price of metals is going through the roof due to the World Wide growth in nations like China and India, compounded by the already strong demand. Copper is needed for all kinds of things that mankind makes. Unfortunately due to environmental laws and over regulation in mining in the United States most of the copper mines in the US have closed.

Nevertheless the demand remains high.Now then it is also a known fact that the most intelligent humans have larger traces of copper in their hair follicles. And many people have stated that our Mother Earth is a living planet. Well we have lost of copper on the surface of the planet right? Just like those smart individuals do in their hair right? And we know that Mother Nature has as certain set of cycles she runs on; everything from plate tectonics, ocean currents and atmospheric weather, ice ages and volcanic activity too.So, could one say that since Mother Earth has so much copper metal on her surface that she is one smart cookie and a well-organized and intelligent planet? Could be, who is to say? She certainly seems to keep mankind obedient as to where he should and should not build with her storms, Earthquakes and Tsunamis? Well maybe Mother Earth is trying to tell us something and maybe just maybe she really is as smart as she looks, a beautiful pale blue dot cruising around a favorite Sun in the whole of space. Consider this in 2006.

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