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New Orleans Dodged the Bullet for Years Can They do It Again

Some find it fascinating that New Orleans built under sea level dodged the bullet for over 100 years without a scratch really. Oh sure there were Hurricanes, nothing to major, but they squeaked by. Only once was there big damage before Hurricane Katrina.

Can New Orleans make it another 100-years without a scratch? Can it make it 50-years? How about 25-years?.Well some are asking already what happens if they get another one during the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season, as things are not cleaned up yet and there is a whole lot of work ahead which is going to re-draw the map of New Orleans forever, not to mention take years to complete.This is an interesting topic and the issue came up recently in an online think tank when one guest member asked; "Am I the only one that wonders why New Orleans just sat there for over 100 years and did nothing about their bowl situation? Galveston was 8 ft above sea level when about 8000-12000 lives were lost in 1900 due to a storm surge.".Indeed one could ask why New Orleans did not invest more heavily in their levees each time the city expanded in population and increased tax revenues. But alas this is hindsight speaking and many felt that New Orleans was far enough inland, with barrier islands and enough between them and the coast to spare them? Well I guess they were all wrong and now the question remains how much longer until they get hit again by another super storm large size Hurricane? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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