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New Secret for Life Success

Can you think when can you be Successful?.Can you imagine how can you be successful?.Then you feel you have to ask yourself many questions before you decide to be successful.Should I be successful in my job?.

Should I be successful in making successful relationships with friends?.Should I be successful in my personal life?.Today you have a new secret for life success. Success is to compromise between your job success and your life success.When you look to the pervious sentence, want to feel its effect in your life and imagine how you can apply it, now you have the key of this mysterious success:.Success is to learn separating between your job events and your personal life events.

That means if you have a problem with your life partner, this problem should not be affecting your job behavior.Is that only?.Try to learn separating between your relationships with your jobs colleagues and your personal relationships with them outside your working time.When you want to work in multinational company, they give you instructions you must do as to be careful from making an excessive relationships with your job colleagues may affect your success because you will waste your working time by discussion your friends personal life instead of spending your working time in improving anew strategies of personal success in your company.

Now, how to make an excellent profile in your job with effective relationships in the same time?.The key is put in your bag ? Try to modulate between making an excellent serious life working and to be effective communicator with your job friends.My friend, you have the key and just you need to use it.

.(C) copyright 2006 Mohammed Magdy Ahmed, Certified Practitioner of N.L.P; Neuro Linguistic Programming from American Board of N.L.

P. Pharmacy Student in Cairo University.

By: Mohammed Magdy


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