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On Becoming More

You are probably aware of the concept of 'being in order to have'. One way it's been put is 'in order to have more, you must be more, then do more. As a result, you will have more in life'.It sounds nice and pat, but what does it mean in everyday language? How can you apply it?.Here's the thing.

You very likely have an inherent desire to have a better life than you do right now. You may desire a job promotion, better treatment from your spouse (and/or kids), better health, financial freedom and so on.That's all good. Those desires are alright.

They are all things you'd like to have. And they are all things you can have.In order to have all those things (and more), you must become the sort of person that *attracts* those things. The sort of person to whom all these things get added *without you chasing after them.* And this is how you do it.First, acknowledge that God exists, and that he *rewards* those who diligently seek him.

Note the words 'rewards' and 'diligently'.No half-hearted or passive endeavours here. Acknowledge that He exists, not as some impersonal 'force' out there, but as a Person who loves you and has your very best interests at heart. You have heard about the 'Higher Intelligence' and 'Universal Mind' which is 'friendly to your plans' and so forth.Your ignorance of Who is being referred to is costing you more than you know.

God used to wink at such ignorance in the past, but now he commands YOU to repent, if you haven't done so.Second, believe in Jesus Christ.Every Personal Development 'guru' out there quotes the sayings of Jesus in a bid to lend credibility to their methods. But who is Jesus, and why do these people feel the need to be familiar with, and act on his sayings? Your answer to the question 'Who is Jesus', and what you do with your answer, WILL determine your destiny. This is a case in which your ignorance will truly cost you your life.

Third, do ALL Jesus says.There's no point in quoting bits of what he said as part of 'success literature' (and quite a vast amount of success literature is based on what he says), and neglecting the rest of it. If he is credible in saying one thing then you'd best listen to everything he has to say and act on it too.

And everything He says continues to be proven to be true.**SIDEBAR**.Please note that I am not talking about God and Jesus in some blindly religious sort of way. You are a thinking person, after all (I hope:) This newsletter is about showing you proven and practical ways to achieve outstanding success in every aspect of your life.

The methods may not make you the most popular person in town, but they will surely help you prosper and succeed at every turn. The stuff I am referring to is for you if you actually think for yourself, as opposed to being swayed about by the way the masses think. Be a thinking person. Analyze and evaluate things for yourself.

** END OF SIDEBAR**.I first came across this truth when I was in my penultimate year in medical school (as narrated in my article 'The Power To Choose'). I had already fulfilled the first two criteria above, and only *partially* fulfilled the third.

The day it occured to me that I could do better and score better grades than I'd done to date, I decided to go see what Jesus had to say about my performance potential.Here's what I found, among lots more things he said: "Have faith in God. If you .believe that those things you say shall come to pass, you shall have whatever you say".I've slightly paraphrased it, but you get the point.

Sounded clear enough to me. So from that day on I started saying 'the things I say happen', and 'I will ace all my subjects in my finals' - things like that. Sound familiar? Where do you think the gurus get the idea to affirm things from?? Now you know. And now you also know why they work.

They got it from the Source of all good things.Of course Jesus also says that "faith without works is dead", meaning you have to back your faith with appropriate action, which I did. Otherwise I would have been wasting my time. Same thing applies to you.

And things happened *just* as I had said they would. Best of all, they seemed to happen almost effortlessly. I found it very easy to understand what I read, to ask questions when I needed clarification, to be bold enough to work with and help patients even before I qualified. I had become the sort of person who attracted academic excellence. I had become more in the area of academics, so to speak.The same thing happened when I first launched my Coaching practice.

I attended a marketing course and we were told to set certain targets. Everyone else set really low targets, and I set a high one. I had a proven 'formula' (for want of a better word), and I knew it was going to work (you see, God is infallible. What He says He will do, He does. So you can rest assured that if you do your part, He will do his.

His 'universal laws' are precise. They apply to you whether you are aware of them or not).To cut a long story short, at the end of the program, the others sat with their mouths wide open, wondering how I had achieved such success within the given time.

No one else had reached their targets within the given time. And what success it was too - within just 4 short weeks, I had clients phoning in from all around the world, literally. My Coaching practice had become an international one. And I was the least 'experienced' Coach in the marketing class. Talk about backing faith with appropriate action!.Now as with everything else, becoming the sort of person who attracts success using the steps outlined above, comes with a price.

But then so does refusing to become that sort of person. Which is why you have been given the freedom to choose the direction your life goes. Everything you do has a price attached to it. Every choice you make has consequences.

As an intelligent person, you owe it to yourself to find out what the cost of becoming a person of true, lasting success is (as outlined above), and the cost of refusing to become such a person. Be open enough to seek out the information being presented here. Then choose which sort of person you wish to be, *fully accepting responsibility for the consequences of your choice.


.Dr Kem Thompson is a Success Coach, Speaker, Author. She can help you achieve better results at work, business, play, spiritual or in your social life.For resources you can use today to create a better life, sign up for her FREE ezine (and get a thank-you gift)- 'Days of Success' by submitting the form at http://www.

By: Dr Kem Thompson


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