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Professional Development

Professional development means increasing knowledge or skill through vocational or continuing education in a person's professional field. One can enhance his professional career by undertaking a professional development session through study, travel, research, workshops or courses, sabbaticals, internships, apprenticeships, residencies or work with a mentor or master. Generally, a person initiates a professional development course to build up his expertise, augment personal growth, improve teaching abilities and contribute to organizational development.Professional development can either be generic in nature, or can be more skill-oriented.

Generic professional development nurtures generic skills through general personal coaching. Skilled development encompasses developing one's ability in one's current profession, like leadership training for managers. Professional development courses are not just relevant for people in the field of business management, but are equally important for other professionals like teachers, medical practitioners, engineers and technicians. Some professions also associate accreditation with these courses, and use it as a yardstick to measure a person's competence.One can achieve professional development through vocational education as well, which prepares learners for careers that are traditionally non-academic and are directly related to a specific trade.

Some enroll for short-term courses or skill-specific courses for enhancing their expertise. For example, a teacher who wants to develop his oration skills should choose a course in improving communication skills. Profession-specific seminars and workshops also provide insightful information on developing one's career. People with technical backgrounds can take up research-based work or apprenticeships under a mentor to learn the tricks of the trade.

Career-building exercises like professional development courses indeed aid in the advancement of one's profession.

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By: Elizabeth Morgan


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