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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Why is it typically easier to focus on our insecurities and flaws than to highlight our strengths and positive attributes? Do you feel uncomfortable tooting your horn every now and then? Why? It is far easier to compliment others than to turn the table on yourself. We all have natural abilities that make us unique, it is a matter of highlighting these and being proud of them. When someone gives you a compliment are you gracious or do you shy away? This is a lesson that my mother always instilled in us. She taught us the act of being gracious even if you felt awkward and undeserving.

By excusing the compliment you make the other person feel awkward. So, practice the art of saying thank you when someone pays you a nice word or two. It is important in your life to focus your energy on what you are good at instead of highlighting your flaws. By following the path that comes natural to you, you will undoubtedly attract that energy back to you.

Take some time to really look at yourself and detail what your positive strengths are. It feels much better to stand tall and proud than to stand hunched over doubting everything you have to offer. Pat yourself on the back this week!.ACTION STEPS FOR THE WEEK:.1.

Natural abilities.What are your natural abilities? These are the things that come natural to you. Have you always been good with your hands? Are you great at putting together a nice meal from scratch? Are you creative? Can you fix things easily? Write a list this week of everything that comes to mind.

Think back to when you were younger if you are having a difficult time.2. Put them to use.Now that you have a list of your natural abilities, it is important to take advantage of them. If you are good with your hands, dive into a project. Invest some time and energy going with the flow for once.

Brainstorm some ideas of things or projects that you can jump into. These activities will bring more joy into your life and align you with individuals with similar interests.3.

Toot your horn.It is important to toot your horn every now and then. It is ok to express what you are good at. It is ok to share something that you are proud of accomplishing. If it comes from your heart, it will come across as genuine.

Do not be afraid how others will take it, they will be by your side and proud of you. Let go of the focus of what others may think, they are probably just envious of your ability to stand tall and proud.Have a great week!.Leslie.

.Leslie Gail is a Certified Life Coach who supports busy individuals in achieving personal and professional success without compromising their values.

Leslie conducts seminars, publishes articles in The Rocky Mountain News, and is an expert guest on KOSI radio station. Contact Leslie at today for a FREE consult!.Article Source:


By: Leslie Gail


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