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Relationship Men Also Get Abused By Women

Emotional and physical abuse is believed to be only for women. Men are the abusers and women the victims. Don't women abuse men? Yes they do get abused and mercilessly. A woman can be brutal when it comes to blames and accusations. She can invent many lies and kill the soul of the man with every sentence she speaks. She may not abuse the man physically, but her emotional abuse may be enough to drive a man to lunacy.

I don't know why the abuse is considered to be prerogative of men? Is it because they are considered the stronger sex? What about emotional strength? Some men are very soft and especially when they deal with a woman, they act more softly. The woman wants to abuse the man will have no such compunctions. She can raise her voice, she can use crying, she can corner the man with all her blames because she wants to hurt him. She succeeds because a good man will not retaliate.There is no help for men who get emotionally abused by women.

They don't want to hurt the woman so they keep taking all the abuse. Let me add something here. Women on who their men have greatest faith do most abuse. So when the woman turns a abuser, the first reaction of the man is total disbelief.

This surprise continues for a long time, because the man continues foolishly believing that her woman is getting it wrong. She is not abusing him. She cannot do that because she loves him. This thinking process is very dangerous.

Evil recognizes no sexual difference. If a man can be evil, so can be a woman.

.The author C.D.

Mohatta writes articles, advice and ideas at on topics like love, dating, marriage, relationships, break-ups, etc. He also writes for screen-savers and desktop wallpapers at http://www.screene.

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By: CD Mohatta


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